Case study

New Mac Media suites
at Lyndon School

When Lyndon School in Solihull contacted us for help with setting up a new media suite, we put together a team of our consultants to work with them throughout the project.

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Why did they come to us?
When Lyndon School were updating their media suite, they decided they wanted to add new Macs to the setup and got in touch with our education team for advice on choosing the right hardware.

What did they need?
A collection of Macs to add to their media suite, plus backup and storage solutions to ensure students’ work was kept safe.

How did we help?
We suggested iMacs combined with Apple’s Xserve to give Lyndon School the best performance without taking up too much space. We also set them up with PresStore to manage their backups and a range of educational software to help kick start media creation, including Comic Life, Adobe CS4, QuarkXPress and Kudlian’s I Can Animate.

What were the benefits?
Lyndon School’s students now have access to the latest hardware and software for multimedia work, including industry standards like Adobe Creative Suite, and staff have a reliable backup management system that drastically reduces the chance of students losing work before exam day!

“We are all very happy with the results; the new Macs are in constant use and the system works really well. We will definitely be contacting Jigsaw24 for any future consultancy we need at Lyndon.”

Olan Adeyemi, ICT Manager, Lyndon School.

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Lyndon School are a Foundation School and Humanities College in Solihull, serving pupils aged between 11 and 16.