Device Lifecycle Services

Services to support your devices throughout their lifetime, including deployment, data migration, repairs and more

We provide all the services you need for the life of your Apple device, from a simple warranty to a complete support and management service. We can even help you release the residual value of your device when it’s time for a refresh, and take care of your whole IT support desk for quick issue resolution to agreed service level agreements.

  • Provision and device deployment

    What is it?

    We have been supplying Apple devices for 25 years, along with all the software, accessories and services you need to keep your Mac running through its life. We can provide mobile device management (MDM) along with advice, guidance and implementation of Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme (DEP), Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) and best practice support for your devices.

    All these options are available via a company portal (provided free of charge) where you can procure bundles and equipment options. Our deployment options include simple or complex staging, delivery to your site, department or desk, all managed by the end user through the portal.

    What problem does it solve?

    Our portfolio of lifecycle services will make sure your devices always running, saving you downtime and keeping you productive. We will provide your devices already enrolled into DEP and ready for users to log in and start work straight away. Our Apple expertise and scale mean that you can rely on us to supply and configure your Apple devices and support them through their life.

    What are the benefits?

    • Smoothly minimise user downtime and keep your users productive during a device refresh.
    • Easily procure device bundles and equipment options through a company portal.
    • Let your end users log in and get to work straight away with devices delivered ready enrolled in DEP.
    • Enhance your professionalism and reputation with your users through smooth provision and deployment of devices.

  • Device transition and data migration

    What is it?

    Our device transition and data migration service is the ideal way to roll out a replacement estate of Macs or iOS devices. This service will ensure that all devices are seamlessly transitioned and that all user data is transferred. If you have large volumes of Mac or iOS devices with geographically dispersed users, this service is for you. Our options for data backup and transfer include:

    • Providing large storage arrays to act as local backup devices for Macs. CrashPlan can be used to send and receive the data to the storage, or we have a suite of in-house developed scripts that will handle the transfer and restore.
    • Using iCloud for iOS device data, and supporting your users with tutorial videos, how to guides and phone support to ensure devices are backed up prior to transitioning to new devices.

    What problem does it solve?

    A large scale device refresh project has to be carefully managed to minimise downtime and ensure that user satisfaction is maintained. We provide a complete solution for your rollout including:

    • Project management.
    • Development of process and schedules.
    • Agreement on policy for users' own data.
    • Backup and restore of devices.
    • Onsite deployment teams to hand out devices and provide help getting started.

    What are the benefits?

    • Seamlessly transition users to new devices while ensuring all user data is transferred.
    • Reduce user downtime and build a better reputation, relationship and experience with your employees.
    • Get the best residual value possible for your retired assets or provide you a full audit trail of what staff devices are deployed and what was returned to your carrier.

  • Repairs

    What is it?

    Apple products are extremely robust and it’s unlikely that the device will fail, but user damage is sometimes unavoidable. We have UK-wide repairs or managed repairs services as well as drop-in centres in Soho, MediaCityUK and Nottingham. Whether you’re having tech troubles or want to upgrade your RAM, you can drop in with your hardware to get it checked out with no appointment necessary.

    What problem does it solve?

    Whatever the problem with your Mac or iPad, our Apple Certified Mac Technicians can have you up and running again quickly, so your end users suffer minimal downtime and stay productive. As well as in and out of warranty repairs, we also provide: data migration from a known good hard drive or Time Machine backup, loan of Mac or iPad devices for the duration of your repair, and upgrades to existing machines, operating system health checks and optimisation. As standard, all Macs and devices are cleaned of dust, dirt and debris when repaired by Jigsaw24.

    For businesses with a large Mac estate, we also offer a fully managed repairs service. This gives you the convenience of having your machines collected and returned according to schedule, allowing you to tailor your repairs provision to your business needs, offering you the chance to spread your repair costs with manageable monthly payments and simplifying admin for your in-house team, as they can sidestep the hassle of booking in each machine as a separate repair.

    What are the benefits?

    • Over 25 years’ experience with Apple devices, and nationwide coverage by Apple-accredited engineers.
    • Working with us won’t void your warranty or AppleCare agreement, and we also cover out-of-warranty diagnostics and repairs.
    • Service contracts available for managed repairs, including prompt break/fix maintenance with advance replacement or loan kit options.
    • Friendly and helpful tech staff (ie we won’t talk in jargon that’s way over your head).
    • Rent a Mac from us while your machine is being repaired, then sit back and relax till it’s all sorted.
    • Prompt turnaround – we aim to have your Mac back with you in 3-5 working days.

    For managed repairs:

    • Convenient collection and return of all your faulty units.
    • Batch repairs meaning there’s minimal admin per month, no matter how many machines need work.
    • Monthly invoicing to spread the cost of repairs over the year.
    • No lengthy waits for diagnosis on each machine.
    • Dedicated point of contact and direct access to our engineers.

  • Asset recycling

    What is it?

    When you decide your iOS or macOS devices have come to the end of their useful life, you can choose to recycle or upcycle them to get the best return on investment. We provide a full range of trade-in, buy back, resale or disposal services, using a number of asset purchase recyclers and data sanitation/destruction routes. Or you could decide to reconfigure and then reallocate devices to other departments – for example, taking an old iMac from the design team to be repurposed for your reception desk.

    What problem does it solve?

    This service makes sure you recover the most residual value from your assets and ensures safe, responsible disposal. Based on your specific equipment type, volume, functionality, data sanitation/destruction needs and location within the UK, we’ll determine which of our certified and trusted recyclers will be used. Trusted recyclers we have used before during these projects include Brightstar and TechData (CMR Ltd, trading as Fonebank in the UK).

    What are the benefits?

    • Recover as much of your assets’ residual value as possible.
    • Ensure safe, responsible disposal of your devices.
    • Make sure you meet the requirements of your IT security policy.

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