• Servers

    What is it?

    Our server solutions help you fit your infrastructure to your current and future workloads, enabling you to consistently and continuously maintain an agile, resilient, robust and effective server footprint.

    What does it matter?

    Whether you are looking at a server upgrade or refresh, migrating from one platform to another or deciding on whether to embark on a major infrastructure upheaval, our server solutions ensure your investment is future-proof and your team aren’t affected by unplanned downtime.

    What can we do?

    • Workload optimisation.
    • Server room design.
    • Hardware provision.
    • Consolidation and migration pilots.
    • Leasing, rental and finance options.

    What are the benefits?

    • Faster delivery of core services.
    • Reduced energy and space footprint.
    • Reduced TCO.
    • Increased ROI.

    “If something goes wrong, it always tends to go wrong at the point when you don’t want it to. Jigsaw24 are really good at being there to solve problems. We are a deadline driven company, so having things fixed speedily is a big advantage, and Jigsaw24 support that.”

    Greg Jolley, Designer & Account Manager, Stocks Taylor Benson

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  • Managed backup
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