• Storage

    What is it?

    Not content with helping you find the fastest desktop and most robust and reliable server solutions, we can put together rackmount DAS, NAS and RAID storage solutions.

    We can help you develop intelligent shared storage solutions that offer HSM functionality – either integrated with your existing systems or on a separate network. And if you just want LTO tapes, HBAs, NICSs and drives, that’s not a problem either – we have the expertise to help you cover every type of storage device your business may need.

    Why does it matter?

    With file sizes and the number of deliverables per project on the rise, the amount of storage your average creative company needs is on the rise – as are storage costs. Our engineers will work with you to develop a solution that makes the most of your budget while enabling you to monetise your existing assets more efficiently.

    What can we do?

    • File sharing, backup and recovery.
    • Archiving.
    • Collaboration.
    • Consolidation.
    • Virtualisation.
    • Hosted and managed backup.

    What are the benefits?

    • Lower hardware and energy costs.
    • Simpler asset management.
    • Reduced downtime.
    • Improved business continuity and disaster recovery.

    “Jigsaw24 are always ready to support when we’re in need, very versatile in the range of products services they offer, and at very competitive prices. We have a great relationship, all our maintenance for our SAN is done by them, their tech support is fantastic and I would greatly recommend them.”

    Remus Buga, Post Production Manager, Chellozone

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