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quotation marks  We’ve been involved in Apple iPad deployments since the device was first released, and have provided consultancy to the likes of The Guardian, News International and Capital Radio. We can work with you to deploy and manage the devices (regardless of whether you choose to operate a BYOT or shared ownsership scheme) and develop and deploy customised apps.  quotation marks

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iPad in a business situationiPad in a business situationiPad in a business situation
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iPad consultancy

Helping you benefit from business mobility.

Our consultants will work with you to improve your workflow through better mobility, make sure you generate maximum business value from any deployment, and will ensure that they are properly integrated into your current IT systems.

iPad integration

A seamlessly integrated iOS deployment.

We're recognised as the UK's leading B2B integration specialist, and have helped lead the way in developing cross-platform environments in businesses. As we work closely with MobileIron, GroupLogic, Absolute Software and are accredited by Apple, Microsoft, VMware and more, we'll help make the process of integrating PCs, Macs and iOS devices an easier one for your IT team - whether you want to support Apple devices on your existing Windows infrastructure or run a separate server alongside it to handle mobile clients. We can also review security, compliance and governance requirements, and can make recommendations on software to ensure you meet them.

Windows on ipad

Sometimes, just sometimes, Windows is necessary.

Desktop virtualisation can make the integration of Macs easier by letting you run Windows-only applications on your Apple machines - including iOS devices. VMware and Citrix-accredited, we can help you deliver on-demand virtual desktops to your employees, no matter where they are or what device they’re using. Whether you want to run multiple operating systems (including Mac, PC and Linux) side-by-side on a small number of devices, or need the ability to host optimised versions of apps and desktops on a central server, ready to be streamed to a laptop or iPad on demand, we can install and deploy the right solution for you.

App development

Bespoke business apps made just for you.

We have the experience and skills to develop and help you get the best from customised business apps. Whether it’s bespoke development from the ground up or customisation of an existing app, we can work with you to make sure you get all the benefits available from creating your own app.

WiFi survey

Is your network ready for the iPad invasion?

Giving employees access to mobile devices may be beneficial for improving productivity (with everyone able to access business resources anywhere onsite), but it's also going to have a knock-on effect on your network. We can help you deal with the challenges of connecting iPad, iPhone and more to your WiFi. We'll do a WiFi survey and provide advice on hardware that'll meet your needs, then install everything and perform ongoing network health checks.

Device management

Enrol, manage and monitor iOS devices centrally.

We’re also experts in Mobile Device Management (MDM), and while Apple’s own MDM solutions let you manage iOS devices centrally, we can help you enrol just about any kind of mobile devices into your business. Using solutions such as MobileIron, Absolute Manage and Casper, we’ll help you secure and manage all of your devices (with password and policy enforcement, and profile tracking) as well as control deployment costs. Many of these solutions also incorporate your desktop and notebook computers giving you a single, complete device management solution.

App deployment and management

The UK’s only centralised App Store distribution solution.

Traditional volume licensing doesn’t always translate easily into iTunes and the App Store. We can work with you to address the centralised vs. localised purchasing issue and discuss the merits of functional and name-based Apple IDs. With 20 years’ Apple experience and expertise in dealing with licensing and software asset management, we’re experts in ID admin, redemption code deployment and app gifting, and can offer a complete app deployment service that includes purchasing, installation, configuration, deployment, administration and management - saving you time and money.

iPad and security

Get the most from iPad’s built-in security.

Don’t panic. Just set up a VPN, get some MDM software from MobileIron or JAMF that lets you control who installs what where, and make sure your can remote wipe your devices. iOS 5 does this natively, but it’s best to ensure your IT admin can do it via your Mobile Device Management solution too. Confused? Call us and we’ll see you right.

Support and repairs

What to do when turning it off and on again doesn’t work...

From free phone and email support to fixed support contracts that come with dedicated engineers and guaranteed response times, we’ve got it covered. As an Apple Certified Support Centre, we can fix pretty much anything you throw at us. If we can’t get it working over the phone, we’ll arrange for your kit to be couriered here and back, and our Apple-certified engineers will have it fixed in a jiffy. If you’re pressed for time, we may be able to arrange you a hardware loan.


Making iPad even easier to get to grips with.

We’ll provide tailored training so your IT team can handle your MDM solution, and can help with training on the device itself for your staff.

Cut IT costs and up employee engagment

BYOT, employee choice and shared ownership schemes.

A product of the consumerisation of IT, bring your own technology schemes allow companies to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve employee retention. We offer consultancy to help ensure integration of new technologies into your existing policies and infrastructure. For shared ownership schemes (where employees contribute towards the purchase of their IT hardware), we can set up a branded purchasing portal, manage the delivery, deal with warranties and insurance, and offer support options - all you have to do is use the devices.

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