The essential 1:1
iPad impact study

The Scale School Report

The leading report on the impact of 1:1 iPad deployment

The Scale School Report examines the impact 1:1 iPad deployment has had on educational establishments throughout the UK. To put it simply, it’s an honest look at the benefits of iPad. Not only that, but it features in-depth analysis of how schools and colleges have incorporated iPad into their teaching and learning, and focuses on a number of key points of improvement such as:

  • Improved test results.
  • Increased attendance.
  • Stronger performance in reading and writing, and much more.

Take a look for yourself, and see how far these schools have come since rolling out iPad 1:1.

Download the Scale School Report

A sneak peek:
Yew Tree Primary School

Increased attendance

Yew Tree Primary School saw a 26% decrease in absenteeism.

Stephenson Memorial Primary School

Impact on test results

Stephenson Memorial Primary School saw a 24% increase in reading test results since 2013.

Jesmond Gardens Primary School

Impact on progress

97% of students at Jesmond Gardens Primary School achieved their expected progress in writing.

Churchill Community College

Student satisfaction

94% of students at Churchill Community College say lessons are more enjoyable since introducing iPad.

"Since iPad arrived, I’ve seen a change in students’ learning practice and my teaching practice. They’re taking ownership of their learning."
An English Teacher, Conyers School

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