• What is it?

    Our design-specific services and solutions have been put together with creatives in mind. We cover off everything from backing up, organising and keeping all your creative digital assets safe, to supplying you with a server solution designed to fit your infrastructure to your current and future workloads and making sure your network is fast, continuous and secure.

    Why does it matter?

    It’s important for creative organisations to ensure that their systems are reliable, so their staff can work with ease and without any downtime or loss of connection. A reliable network and fast connection will allow your team to upload, send, save and backup all types of files quickly and with minimal hassle.

    What can we do?

    We don’t expect everyone to understand the ins and outs of their infrastructure – that’s why we’re here to help. We’ll scope out your IT systems and work with you to find the answers to your IT headaches, and build you a robust, future-proof infrastructure solution that you can rely on. We can help you address your pain points, challenges and budget needs, make suggestions and work with you to build a tailor-made solution for all (and more) of the following:

    • Struggling with Mac integration and mixed operating systems?
    • Let us handle it for you. Our integration services help you to manage and control your Apple technology in a multi-platform environment.

    • Can’t afford the downtime caused by tech failures?
    • We can set you up with emergency hardware so, should anything happen to your kit, it doesn’t cause disruption to your workflow. We can help you to ensure your whole infrastructure solution is ticking along nicely, by setting you up with emergency spares contracts so if you run into difficulty, we’ll be able to provide you with spares and loan hardware like Mac computers, storage, hard drives, cables and wires, keeping your downtime to a minimum.

    • Getting tied up trying to manage your software licences and keep your teams running the latest versions?
    • Pass it over to us. We can manage and keep track of all your teams’ software, paying attention to renewals dates and ensuring you’re always running the most up to date versions.

    • Running out of server or storage space?
    • Our server and storage solutions will help you ensure you’ve got enough room for all your creative files, now and in the future. For more complex storage solutions, check out our dedicated infrastructure page here.

    • Worried about not having a proper backup solution in place?
    • Whether you want onsite or offsite backup, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs and ensure you’ve got an efficient disaster recovery system in place, so you’re never without your important files should the worst happen.

    • Slow network speeds?
    • With file sizes becoming far larger now, and often rich media, the last thing you need is your creative team not being able to access their work quickly and software taking an age to load due to poor network connectivity. Our solutions will ensure your network is fast, offers continuous access, and is secure, without breaking the bank.

    • Need to implement a business continuity plan to safe guard your workflow?
    • Introducing a business continuity plan will help you to ensure that, if something goes wrong, you’ll be back up and running with minimal downtime, knowing you’re still able to meet client deadlines.

    • Want to ensure everyone knows how to use their software?
    • We provide a range of software training programmes, designed to ensure that your teams are continuously getting the most out of their software and hardware, equipping them with new skills and keeping them in the know with new software updates.

      We can work with you to take advantage of the business opportunities Adobe Creative Cloud apps bring. We also offer Apple training sessions so that creatives are getting the best experience when using their Mac and iPad devices. For more information on software training and the rest of our design workflow solution, visit our design workflows page here.


    “If something goes wrong, it always tends to go wrong at the point when you don’t want it to. Jigsaw24 are really good at being there to solve problems. We are a deadline driven company, so having things fixed speedily is a big advantage, and Jigsaw24 support that.”

    Greg Jolley, Stocks Taylor Benson

    Need to get a bit more in-depth? Head to our core IT solutions for creatives to find out more.
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