• Infrastructure Reviews

    What is it?

    Our basic (but thorough) IT checkup for businesses

    Does your infrastructure meet your current business needs? Apply for one of our Infrastructure Reviews. One of our Solution Architects will meet you to discuss and audit your current infrastructure. We will then provide a high level overview of the health of your IT systems' integrity, availability, resilience, capability and efficiency. Gone are the days of separate Mac and Windows network environments – Jigsaw24 can supply enterprise class server infrastructure that seamlessly works with Apple and Windows clients. Alternatively, we can integrate Macs into any existing Windows infrastructure (no need for a separate environment), allowing Mac users to have the same access to Windows file and print servers as PC users, without the IT headache.

    COST: £450.

    Why does it matter?

    If you’re tired of juggling storage and disparate systems, and keep coming up against bottlenecks, our Infrastructure Review will be ideal in formulating a plan for moving forward and keeping your systems in check.

    Some of the things we can look at include:

    • Storage utilisation and growth.
    • Unblocking network bottlenecks.
    • Securing critical systems.
    • Creating a business continuity plan.
    • Disaster recovery strategy.
    • Developing cloud strategy.
    • Integrating Mac and Windows environments.
    • Moving from Apple Xserve to new alternatives.

    What are the benefits?

    Whatever your business needs, an Infrastructure Review can ensure you’re on the right track to get the most from your IT systems.

    An MacBook and iPad

    "The news industry has undergone lots of change over that time and Jigsaw24 have been our trusted partner throughout. We have the reassurance that Jigsaw24 have real depth and strength in the Apple space and the skills we, a very dynamic media organisation, need."

    Chris Birch, Interim CIO, News UK.

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