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Large scale Mac deployment
at Guardian News and Media Ltd

In 2009, Jigsaw24 successfully completed a large scale deployment of Mac computers in The Guardian’s new offices in London’s King’s Cross. Jigsaw24 provided the initial consultation, installation of the Macs and post-deployment maintenance, along with associated professional services.

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Why did they come to us?
When The Guardian were moving to their King’s Cross offices, they decided they wanted to roll out over 1200 Macs at the new premises before staff began working there.

What did they need?
1250 Macs configured, tested, installed and supported at their new King’s Cross premises.

How did we help?
Our team sourced the hardware, then carried out the software build, configuration and testing of the machines, as well as memory configuration, software imaging and asset tagging. We then integrated the Macs with the Guardian’s existing systems, and are providing ongoing support for the entire setup.

What were the benefits?
We handled the end-to-end management of the Mac rollout, minimising the demand on the Guardian tech team. We carried out pre-installation configuration, testing and imaging, so all the Macs were ready to go before staff moved in to the new building, and are continuing to provide dedicated support, reducing the impact of any IT issues on staff productivity.

“Nothing has ever been too much trouble for Jigsaw24, as demonstrated by their support when we moved to our new offices, rolling out over 1200 new Macs. Jigsaw24 dealt with the challenge smoothly and painlessly, and I would very much recommend them.”

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