Case study

Simplified clustered storage
systems at Grid VFX

Belgium-based production house Grid VFX wanted to simplify and improve the performance of their storage system. After the introduction of easy to maintain clustered storage, the company’s throughput performance increased dramatically and gave them massive potential for future growth.

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Why did they come to us?
Grid VFX wanted a simple solution to reduce the complexity of managing disparate NAS systems, as well as improving the data throughput and cutting system downtime. The data-intensive processes used by the company require ultra-fast storage to supply individual workstations with HD image files (ranging from 12MB to 30MB).

What did they need?
Grid VFX needed a test system, as most of the solutions offered to them were nominally designed for enterprise applications such as databases and ERP systems. Wouters had his doubts over the ability to guarantee a high level of continuous bandwidth for large files, and also wanted to make sure they got the best possible value for money.

How did we help?
We put Grid VFX in touch with Diginet, a local Isilon system integrator, who delivered a small test system of 4 Isilon IQ 1920 nodes ready to be put to the test by Grid’s digital artists. “The process was straightforward and took less than a day – and this level of simplicity was very attractive to us, as we tend to support our own IT in-house”, said Wouters.

What were the benefits?
In the week that followed, Wouters and his team moved all the data from their old servers to the cluster and ran real world tests to see if the expected performance materialised. As a result of the solution, Grid VFX experienced a 10-fold increase in throughput performance (up to 10GB per second). The easy to maintain system gave them exceptional levels of data integrity and industry-leaving scalability (up to 1.6PB in a single file system).

“The process was straight-forward and took less than a day – and this level of simplicity was very attractive to us, as we tend to support our own IT in-house.”

Wim Wouters, IT Director, Grid VFX.

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Belgium-based Grid VFX are a highly respected production house specialising in 3D animation and visual effects for prestigious clients including Belgacom, Duvel and Telenet.