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Creating perfect grading
environments at Goldcrest

London and New York-based production, film financing and distribution house Goldcrest have a long and illustrious history working on the audio post of some of the finest feature films made, including, in recent years, The Iron Lady, Les Misérables and Skyfall. They also have a large offline editing wing, again aimed at top-end film clients. They’ve now added the final piece of the post jigsaw with the installation of three new theatrical DaVinci Resolve grading suites, helmed by some of the biggest names in film grading.

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What did they need?
Ten DaVinci Resolve Linux systems serving three digital intermediate theatrical suites, performing both grading and online work. All of this had to be connected to a SAN media storage system with half a petabyte of storage, giving them the capability to play back and grade multiple streams of 4K in realtime.

How did we help?
We built Goldcrest’s 4GPU Linux workstations, provided an in-depth overview to the engineering and creative teams on the complete Resolve feature set, and helped create a flexible and efficient workflow in which DI, online editing and conform can be done using the same project files.

What were the benefits?
Goldcrest now have an efficient, flexible online and grading pipeline that’s already been put to use on Kingsman: The Secret Service, Inbetweeners 2 and Stephen Frears’ Lance Armstrong biopic.

“Jigsaw24 have been one of our main collaborative partners from the start. Their technical consultancy and extensive knowledge of DaVinci Resolve has been essential to the project’s success.”

Laurent Treherne, CTO, Goldcrest.

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