Welcome to the world of virtual reality

Wednesday 8th February

8 Golden Square, Soho W1F 9HY

Head to Soho on 8th February to find out how early adopters Alchemy VR, Rewind, Halo, The Mill, NVIDIA and HTC are bringing virtual reality to life.

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Welcome to the world of virtual reality



Welcome to the world of virtual reality

Wednesday 8th February 2017

8 Golden Square, Soho W1F 9HY


The virtual reality revolution is upon us! Join our panel of early adopters and thought leaders to hear how they’re using VR to push boundaries and create groundbreaking immersive experiences.

Experts from Alchemy VR, Rewind, The Mill and Halo will be sharing insights gained from mounting their own VR projects, and HTC and NVIDIA will be bringing along their latest VR releases for you to try out.

What to expect

• Registration and an early chance to get hands on with VR kit.
• Introduction from Jigsaw24’s Jamie Allan.
• Editshare show us how their solutions can develop your creative workflow.
• NVIDIA and HTC Vive discuss their partnership and reveal updates straight from CES.
• Early adopters panel with Alchemy VR, Rewind, Halo and The Mill.
• Very real drinks, networking and another chance to get hands on with VR kit.

Who are they?

Alchemy VR Born out of a collaboration between Atlantic Productions and Zoo VFX, Alchemy focus on next generation storytelling. Their first few projects, ‘Great Barrier Reef’ and ‘First Life VR’ have been heralded by the Guardian as “breaking new ground in VR” and they’ve been described by Google as the “leading non-gaming VR company”.

Rewind Rewind have a long history in CGI and VFX, which has set them up for a hugely successful move into VR and 360 video. Working with global brands such as RedBull and Nike. Their multi-award winning project with the BBC, ‘Home’, takes you on a spacewalk 240 miles above earth and truly shows the potential for educational, fun, immersive experiences on VR platforms.

The Mill One of, if not the, biggest commercials and VFX companies in the world. The Mill are renowned for their groundbreaking CGI work on global advertising campaigns. Their collaboration with The Guardian on ‘6x9’ delves into how we can create empathy and understanding of a topic such as solitary confinement via an immersive VR experience.

Halo Known as one of the best post production companies in the industry, Halo’s audio team are heavily involved in the future of 3D audio, as well as delivering the best audio experiences for VR content.

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