Measure your ESG score with ESG24

See how your environmental, social and governmental score measures up with our governance app

What is ESG24?
ESG24 is an app that allows you to measure the environmental, social and governance goals of your firm. It helps private equity and FTSE 200 firms to:

  • Gather data on prospective investments.
  • Set short and long term targets.
  • Compare data from different companies and years.
  • Export data in a simple-to-understand format for stakeholders.
Simply plug in the data using our simple scale system, and get your outputs in-app or exported as an Excel file for easier sharing.

Set, edit, comment on and customise ESG targets.

Why should you worry about ESG analysis?
  • ESG factors are increasingly important to stakeholders when choosing new partners.
  • Firms need to show that they are aware of the green footprint of their partner organisations.
  • Parent organisations and must show due diligence when it comes to setting and monitoring ESG goals.
  • Finding fast, efficient ways to collect, analyse and set targets for ESG data is key.

Why choose ESG24?
  • No need to rely on complex spreadsheets.
  • Allows for immediate analysis with no human error.
  • Meets governance and due diligence requirements.
  • Speeds up the process of setting and reporting on targets.
  • Get the most up to date ESG information on every device in your oragnisation.
  • Can be customised to suit your branding and business practices.

“The app is helpful in getting management buy-in, and getting them to think about these very important matters in a different way. A large Excel spreadsheet is more of a boring proposition, whereas with the app, it’s something people want to be involved in.”
NorthEdge Capital

Easily compare real and forecast data.

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Customer story:
Working with NorthEdge Capital
When private equity firm NorthEdge began the process of expanding their portfolio from 11 to 20 companies, they realised they needed to move away from their tradition of vast spreadsheets towards a more streamlined environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis system. Our app development team stepped in to help them design and launch an app that would collect and present the relevant data in an accessible, easily parsed format.
Need a custom system?
If you’re ready to revolutionise your ESG analysis, our team can work with you to create a branded app that’s tailored to your business practices and ESG priorities. All you need to do is:
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