Going Green! Our manifesto for Mother Earth

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We’re committed to minimising our environmental impact – after orange, green’s our favourite colour! – through the implementation and sustained development of environmentally sound business operation. We hold an ISO14001 accreditation, run a staff travel scheme, and have even carpeted our staff room in lush green turf, just to hammer the eco points home. Our full Environmental Policy is set out in an epic 59-page PDF, but if you’re pushed for time, here are the key points, and the outline of our recycling policy and Travel Plan.

Hannah Wibberley - Environmental Evangelist

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 Care about what products we sell, taking their Star energy efficiency ratings into account.

 Meet or exceed all environmental legislation relevant to the company.

 Actively promote, among customers and our staff, an understanding of and
 conscientious approach to environmentally sound consumer and business practices.

 Reduce, reuse and recycle waste generated by our business operations.

 Manage our business operations to prevent any avoidable pollution.

 Work closely with our manufacturers and distributors to foster a commitment to improved
 environmental performance.

 Ensure the ongoing evaluation and continuous improvement of operations, in order to
 maintain optimum efficiency.

 Make sure we are responsible with packaging, and help our customers be more efficient
 through electronic software licensing. See our full Packaging Policy here.

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Waste not, want not

Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and batteries

Need to get rid of your old CRT monitors? We can help you recycle your old Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), or point you in the direction of the people who can. We’ve become a member of the Distributor Take-Back Scheme (DTS), and contribute financially to improving collection facilities for unwanted electricals. You can find your local collection point here: www.recycle-more.co.uk. We’ll also take all your old batteries – just drop them in to Jigsaw24 HQ in person, or alternatively find your nearest facility at www.recyclenow.co.uk.

Emission: Possible

Our travel and courier commitments

To cut down on emissions and congestion, and to improve our working environment for staff and the local community, we came up with our Travel Plan. Every employee has the right to choose to travel to work by car, bus, foot, bike or hoverboard, but our Travel Plan actively encourages them to consider their commutes and business trips so we can: increase walking and cycling, and decrease single occupant car journeys.

We also pick our couriers diligently to ensure they’re meeting our greener standards. This means they have a high success rate on first time deliveries, in turn meaning they spend less time on the road re-delivering items, which equals fewer emissions and a big thumbs up from us.

To find out more about our Environmental Policy and Travel Plan commitments, get in touch.

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