• Mobile device management

    Mobile device management (MDM) is the name for a set of tools dealing with deploying, securing, monitoring, integrating and managing mobile devices in your school. Basically, it’s all about optimising the functionality and security of mobile devices, while also protecting your network. It’s the only way forward for iOS management, letting you enrol and configure devices, set the correct permissions for staff and students, easily push out updates, apps and content, control passwords and even remotely wipe data – all without having to gather up your devices and plug them all into a computer!

    Release the power of iOS 9.3 and Apple School Manager

    Apple School Manager is Apple’s free tool to replace their Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) or Volume Purchase Programme (VPP). It lets you do away with having to use Apple Configurator and Apple IDs, helping you guide and monitor learners, easily reset students’ passcodes, and have a truly shared iPad with greater protection for individuals’ work.

    Automatically configure iPad

    Devices are automatically configured out of the box with your school security settings, restriction policies, apps and content. These management profiles are non-removable, ensuring devices are always ready for whatever lesson comes up next.

    Manage iPad in and out of school

    As well as managing devices in school, you’re able to push out apps and content to devices not in school, without the user having to do anything – it just happens in the background. You can also suspend, track and wipe any devices that wind up lost by students (or  teachers!).

    Manage all your devices in one place

    You’re able to centrally manage your iPad deployment from any web browser, from any location, and to any device, wherever it may be. This ensures consistency of security and restriction settings, lets you safeguard students by applying different settings for different users or year groups, and ultimately saves you bags of time too.

    Enhancing independent learning at Royal Grammar School

    As well as helping the IT team configure and deploy all their devices, we provided a secure purchasing portal for parents, helped train staff, ensure pupils’ safety online and get parents and governors on board.

    "The technical support were very, very helpful and the team were always there for us – they helped us configure all 400 iPad with the Apple Configurator, which was quite a lot of work, they helped us find an MDM and web filtering solution [and work out] how to create a safe environment for pupils while they’re at school, to block the apps that we needed to block.”

    Varsha Kirkby, IT Manager, The Royal Grammar School

    Learn more about MDM

    How can we help?

    Get staff up to speed with CPD training

    Our Apple Education Trainers have years of experience working with schools to get up and running with their Apple deployments, and make sure staff are getting the very best teaching and learning outcomes from them. Talk to us about our full range of Apple-accredited CPD training.

    Learn more

    Get your tech team trained on MDM

    Our iOS Core Essentials training is designed for tech teams who are deploying iOS devices for the first time, including how to get devices profiled, managed and working with your other internal systems. Fully accredited by Apple and with tons of practical experience, our engineers can advise on how to address real world issues.

    Learn more

What can we do?

Get your devices managed – Hosted MDM from Jigsaw24.

We can help with all aspects of managing your deployments, including MDM that’s hosted or managed by us, so we can take the pain out of managing your Apple devices.

Get expert advice – Ask us about our consultancy.

Our team have spent years working within the creative industries, and can design you a bespoke ICT solution based around industry-standard kit. Along with their technical skills, they have a knack for translating IT technician speak for teachers.

Get all set up – We can help with installation.

We have a team of accredited engineers and project managers whose job it is to set up your IT at a time that suits you. They’ll make sure you’re up and running with the minimum disruption to your school.

Get staff up to speed – Come to us for CPD training.

We can provide Apple-accredited training for teachers, tech staff and end users, as well as CPD training to help teachers get the most from iPad in the curriculum.

Get your network up to scratch – Our WiFi and networking solutions.

We’ll help you achieve reliable network to support your devices, with WiFi, server, storage and security solutions.

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