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    Whether you’re exploring the human body or oxbow lakes, there’s a massive range of apps out there to aid learning (just check out our App of the Week series for a collection of our team’s reviews). But there’s also a wealth of apps you may not have tried that are designed to improve your mobile workflow, making for better teaching and learning. Here are a couple we (and nearly every teacher we speak to) recommend)…

    Showbie Pro (Showbie Inc)

    Showbie lets you create virtual classrooms, upload resources to them and assign tasks to students. You can use it as a replacement for handouts in a usual classroom setting (“Open our Showbie room, take the quiz there and then post your result”), and it’s a great way for students to submit homework or projects and get instant feedback. You can annotate the files they submit, or record a voice note giving them more detailed verbal feedback.

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    Foldr (Minnow IT)

    Foldr works with your existing Windows accounts to give you access to your home folder and shared drives from iPad. It means you and your students can get to important files and folders whether in school or at home (no excuses for not doing that handout you set for homework any more). It also includes powerful annotation tools that let teachers provide visual and audio feedback to students by adding comments and voice notes to assignments. While the app’s free, you need a Foldr server to run it and get access.

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    Apple training

    Want to get the most out of apps, iPad and Mac in the classroom? Apple’s version of continuing professional development (CPD) training is an ideal way of getting the best possible training on tech, and making the most effective use of it, whatever level your staff are at. Check out the course catalogue at the link below, and if you don’t see what you need there, we can also provide training sessions that are tailored to your school practice and how comfortable your staff are with Apple kit.

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    Revision Plan

    Revision Plan lets teachers upload a students’ predicted grades and exam schedule, then generate a sensibly-paced revision timetable that organises and prioritises work for the most urgent exams. Before the release of the Revision Plan app, teachers could only share this schedule with students by handing out a printed copy (expensive), or emailing a PDF (easy to ignore or lose). Now, you can beam the schedule straight to their hands with the help of the app, which is specifically designed to give parents and carers a clearer, more concise summary of each day’s revision, so they can provide more effective support.

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    Customer story:
    Shared storage for pro video editing and Bath Spa University

    Bath Spa University were looking for a video editing suite to accommodate 11 students. They gave Jigsaw24 a call and we helped them find the solution to meet their performance and budgetary requirements, and ensure that they were able to undertake real-world professional projects.

    “The Xsan and Fibre Channel solution Jigsaw24 helped put in place is providing our Broadcast Media students with all the power and space they need to produce high quality results. Particularly impressive is the implementation of distributed processing across the suite – transcoding video is now a quick and easy task, rather than an overnight chore.”

    Ollie Kenchington, Studio Technician, Technical Support and Network Administration at Bath Spa University

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