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The e7 project - Free iPad 1:1 pilot scheme

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There are already 1.5 million iPad in education and over 20,000 education-specific apps designed to help engage students with the curriculum and assist teaching. And while introducing the device may seem a long way off for many schools, actually that's far from the case...

The e7 Project is a scheme being run by Education Solutions Experts, Jigsaw24, that gives you the opportunity to introduce iPad to your classrooms for a trial period free of charge, prior to rolling them out on a 1:1 basis. This pilot scheme offers you the chance to deploy 40 devices for an entire term, while receiving full support from our education team. You set your learning objectives; we help you achieve them.

What is The e7 Project?

Our scheme is all about helping you integrate the tools needed to enlighten students, and prepare them for the big wide world. For a whole term, you and your students can put Apple's latest learning tool through its paces, getting an insight into the learning, teaching and administrative benefits that it brings. As part of the scheme, you get...

e7 students

40 iPads and peripherals

30 to be given to individual students on a 1:1 basis and 10 to teaching staff. How you distribute them will depend on your objectives, but we'd recommend giving one iPad to every student in a specific class or set, who can then use it in all their subjects as well as take it home to do homework. Each iPad is preloaded with education-specific apps and resources that will help make the pilot scheme run smoothly, and give you a better insight into the device's capabilities. As well as cases to protect the devices and the accessories for syncing and charging them, we'll also provide an Apple TV. This can be connected to any TV with HDMI and will let students stream content, sharing it with the rest of the class.

An infrastructure review

While iPad works straight out of the box, if you want to get the most from it, you'll need to make sure your IT is ready to deal with so many devices. As part of the pilot, our consultants will do an infrastructure review, including a WiFi assessment to ensure your school is ready for a full 1:1 rollout.

Support from Jigsaw24 and Apple

Throughout the e7 Project, we will have Regional Education Consultants on the road, across the UK, giving you a dedicated point of contact at Jigsaw24. Providing you with advice during the scheme, they'll be working closely with a representative from Apple and your school's e7 Leadership Group (which ideally will include the Chair of Governors, the Headteacher, your ICT Leader, Chair of Finance, Apple Champion and a representative of the PTA).

Advice on funding a complete deployment

During the project, we will work with you and the e-Learning Foundation to look at the financial options available, including leasing and parental contribution schemes.

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Who can take part? Arrow

Any school (or cluster of schools) with circa 800 pupils can apply, but bear in mind that places are limited each term, and we'll be looking for schools with:

  • A Headteacher committed to the adoption of technology across the wider school.
  • A dedicated e7 champion who wants to promote the benefits of iPad and Macs to teachers, parents and students.
  • The intention of rolling out iPad on a 1:1 basis to each pupil.
  • Time. While the scheme is completely free, there's going to be significant input needed from pupils, teachers, representatives of the governors and parents in order to make the pilot a success.
Richard King, Audio Technician at Weston College

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