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The e7 project - Free iPad 1:1 pilot scheme
iPad for teachers

The potential of iPad doesn't just lie with the pupils. Liberate teaching staff from the constraints of shared IT labs, giving them constant access to information without students even having to login or wait for the machines to switch on, empowering them to interact more easily with their class.

Easy to pick up

Apple have put a lot of effort into making iPad's operating systems, iOS, incredibly easy to use. It's intuitive and simple to navigate, whether you want to do the basics such as browsing the web or have an urge to full explore some of the more complex apps. There are even useful features such as a dictation tool that uses the built-in microphone to dictate notes and documents.

Benefits for your school

As well as helping teachers make lessons more interactive and giving them the technology to get their students engaged, iPad has a number of benefits for your school. Thanks to numerous free books and the ability to send around handouts in a digital format, schools have reported that iPad can reduce overall printing costs in schools by around 50%. A 1:1 scheme shows your school is a forward thinking and technology-aware establishment wanting to enlighten pupils and prepare them for the future, helping you to attract potential pupils.

Better communication with students

iPad makes it far easier for teachers to stay accessible. If each pupil has access to a device at home, it's more straightforward for them to send an email to the teacher if they need help with homework, or for the teacher to send out information to large numbers of students outside of lesson time using email, FaceTime and iMessage. On a more basic level, iPad makes it simpler for teachers to interact with pupils in the classroom; they can pick up the device and use it in 1:1 discussions with specific students, all the while having instant access to information.

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Easy content sharing in the classroom

iPad is all about giving students a rich visual experience. With new interactive textbooks in iBooks 2, visual learners will benefit more than ever. The inclusion of video within textbooks means that anything from an animation to a video interview can be used to back up core topics.

Create your own textbooks

In early 2012, Apple released iBooks Author for Mac. Tying into the iBooks 2 IOS app, iBooks Author largely does what it says on the tin, giving teachers the chance to create their own interactive textbooks using a simple drag and drop interface. Each textbook can be created to meet specific course or lesson requirements, ensuring that pupils only receive the information that's relevant to them. The finished books can be shared with other teachers or schools, or even published to iTunes U for everyone to access.

20,000 education and learning apps

Both teachers and students will benefit from a library of iOS apps designed specifically for improving learning and making teaching easier. Some of our favourites include: iAnnotate PDF (£6.99) which lets you mark documents with comments, highlights and written notes; The Elements (£9.99) periodic table which has rotating samples, animations, and facts and figures; and History: Maps of the World (Free), a collection of high res historical maps for geography and history lessons.

iPad for parents

In any iPad deployment, having parents on side and supportive of the technology is going to help. (Not to mention, in a 1:1 deployment they'll often need to make a financial contribution to buying the iPad.)

With iPad, parents get the benefit of:

  • More visibility over their child's work. A student's work is all in one place, including homework and notifications, making it easier to get visibility over what's going on at school support their work and share enthusiasm for projects.
  • A location-aware device that, should it be lost or stolen, can be found using Apple's Find My iPhone tool.

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Solving the funding puzzle

Jigsaw24 is totally committed to inclusion, equality of access and sustainability. With this in mind, we are a major supporter of the e-Learning Foundation, the leading education charity who have already helped over 250,000 students gain access to the latest mobile devices.

The e-Learning Foundation specialise in offering:

  • The very best administrative support and independent advice
  • A seamless, fully HMRC compliant donations management service
  • Tried and tested 1:1 scheme project planning

e-learning foundation

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