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iPad for students

While iPad is still relatively new to education, there's no doubt about the benefits it brings for students and their overall learning experience. Research has shown that students who have access to their own iPad are more engaged with the curriculum, enthused about the work they do and empowered to explore topics in their own, individual way. Here are just a few of the ways that iPad and apps can help...

Anywhere, anytime learning

The obvious benefit of iPad is its portability. Filling the gap between a notebook and mobile phone, it has no boot up time and lengthy logon process, giving students a tool that can be used anywhere, while being user-friendly enough to access the web and learning content in every classroom. It's both easy to move around the school between lessons and to take home in the evenings to complete homework. It can even be used to replace school planners thanks to the built-in calendar.

Daisy, age 11

Great for any type of learner

Visual Visual

iPad is all about giving students a rich visual experience. With new interactive textbooks in iBooks 2, visual learners will benefit more than ever. The inclusion of video within textbooks means that anything from an animation to a video interview can be used to back up core topics.

Auditory Auditory

As well as giving students access to audio books in the iTunes store and audio content online, the iPad memo feature lets students dictate notes and listen back to them for revision.

Kinesthetic Kinesthetic

From the ability to add annotations and interact with 3D diagrams in iBooks, to apps that make use of the built-in accelerometer for action-based tasks, iPad has the ability to make learning a far more interactive experience.

Collaboration and communication

The great thing about iPad is its ability to facilitate group work and improve communication - whether that's using Apple TV for sharing students' work on the classroom display, or making it easier for pupils to contact teachers and each other via FaceTime or email out of school hours for help on homework.

Seamless integration with iPod & iPhone

Because iPad can be connected to Apple's iCloud, all of your students' documents and resources can be securely backed up. That means, if the device goes missing, there's usually going to be a way to get the lost information. If your students have an iPhone or iPod touch, they'll be able to access school work even when they don't have their iPad with them. No one will ever be able to use the "I forgot it" excuse ever again...

Levelling the playing field

Some pupils benefit more from a wider range of learning tools than others. SEN students, visual or tactile learners, or pupils who are struggling to engage with education tend to be more responsive to iPad's accessibility features and tailored content. By giving every pupil the same platform, lessons become easier to manage and all students get to work on the same device.

Free Books! Arrow

As part of Project Gütenberg, there are now 38,000 free books available to download. And while you're still going to have to pay for bestsellers or most exam revision guides, everything from Shakespeare to Dickens and Bronte are all free. In iBooks, you can annotate, highlight and look up definitions just by selecting words in the text. Watch our Education Consultant Rob's video tutorial below...

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