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e7 is the UK’s leading iPad deployment scheme for schools. Focused on the learning benefits of Apple’s tablet, we work with teachers up and down the country to understand how iPad can be successfully rolled out to students on a 1:1 basis.

Following feedback from almost 600 schools who have already applied to take part in the scheme, e7 is made of three different programmes.

We know that one size does not fit all, so have designed each programme to meet your school's exact needs - whether you have little experience using iPad and want to try it out as part of a small pilot, or are confident that you're ready to roll it out to each student on a 1:1 basis. Find out more about each of our three e7 programmes below, and if you're ready to apply, please fill in our form at the bottom.

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The e7 pilot
The free of charge 1:1 iPad trial

Our free e7 pilot gives you access to £10,000 worth of iPad, accessories and supporting technologies like touchscreens and Apple TV for a whole term, so you can be sure which technology is right for your classroom before rolling out a full 1:1 scheme.

Our 12 week pilot includes everything you need to transition to 1:1 learning, including a free review of your existing infrastructure to ensure you can support a rollout effectively. We’ll then provide up to 40 pre-configured iPad devices, launch day training for your staff, and support and guidance throughout. And if you choose to go 1:1 at the end of the trial, you can get exclusive discounts on your loan kit.

Who should take part? If you’re keen to roll out 1:1 but need a successful pilot to get your governors on board and overcome the final funding hurdle, this is for you. We’re looking for forward-thinking schools with a headteacher who’ll champion this
scheme among SLT, and the freedom to purchase through your choice of suppliers.

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The e7 pilot at a glance

What is it?
A free 1:1 pilot designed to help schools get the final proof of concept they need before rolling out iPad 1:1.

Who’s it for?
Schools who are serious about 1:1 and that have an SLT, head teacher and e7 champion who will promote the scheme. You can find out more details here.

How much?
It’s completely free and there’s no catch! The only thing we ask is that your school is seriously considering iPad 1:1 down the line.

e7 CPD
New flexible continuing professional development training

e7 CPD is an extensive iPad training scheme to give your SLT, teaching staff and technical team the chance to see the true potential of iPad in the classroom, and feel confident about using it in their subject area.

Our Apple-accredited trainers will work closely with staff to deliver top-notch training of your choice, and even sit in on your first iPad-delivered lessons to give any advice and hands-on support. The important thing to remember is that the training is completely flexible. With guidance from our trainers, we can provide a personalised training plan with focused curriculum objectives to support your institution goals. We can even loan you the devices for the duration of the training too, based on your current full time equivalent staff count, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t currently have enough iPad to go around staff.

Is e7 CPD for me? e7 CPD is ideal for any school who already has some experience of iPad, giving your SLT, teaching staff and technical team the chance to see the true potential of iPad in the classroom, and feel confident about using it in their subject area.

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e7 CPD at a glance

What is it?
Flexible, extensive CPD training for your teachers, SLT and tech team.

What's included?

  • Three and a half or six days' training.
  • Flexible sessions based around your needs.
  • Free trial iPad suite to loan based on your current FTE staff count.

Who’s it for?
Your teachers, SLT and tech team to get confident with iPad in curriculum.

How much?
Buy three and a half sessions for £1950, or six sessions for £3250.

e7 1:1
Your final step in becoming a technology leader

From as little as £6.85 per student per month, e7 1:1 gives you the opportunity to provide students with iPad, cases and warranties, promoting your school as forward thinking to the community and to other schools.

One of the big benefits of e7 1:1 is that we can manage the entire deployment process for you. You’ll have a dedicated, free of charge consultant to help project manage the rollout, free school-branded portals that parents can log into to make secure payments to the iPad scheme; a managed claims handling service, automated collection of parental contributions, support at parent engagement evenings, free curriculum training with our in-house Apple Professional Development trainers, technical support and much more.

Who should take part? e7 1:1 is open to all schools that feel they are ready to provide iPad to every student! If you’ve already had a positive experience using iPad in classrooms and you’re ready to implement 1:1, we’d love to work with you.

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e7 1:1 at a glance

What is it?
A fully managed solution for schools wanting to roll out
iPad on a 1:1 basis to students and staff.

Who’s it for?
All schools that want to provide iPad to every student. If you’ve already had a positive experience with iPad and have an SLT dedicated to 1:1, we’d love to work with you.

How much?
You can roll out iPad on a 1:1 basis on almost any budget, as long as you go for the right financial scheme (but we’ll provide plenty of advice and support!). It can even be completely cost neutral.

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What has been particularly good for us has been being able to target specific aspects of apps to pupils’ individual learning. So if a whole class is doing something, you can tailor the apps to suit their individual needs and learning gaps. The opportunities that pupils may have had to switch off in a classroom, which led to negative behaviours, become much less of an occurrence because they’re engaged in their learning full time. When we had the e7 iPad deployment we were encouraging the kids to film all the time,” said Roger. “I’ve got a three part film of a boy in my class making a clay rhino, and he’s not got great speech and language but you could see him developing as he went along.If you have a lot of learning difficulties and you’re used to not being able to keep up with everyone, and then suddenly you immerse yourself in a game, you can become somebody who looks like everybody else, behaves like everybody else in the game. That alter ego is a brand new person. We have many teachers who have really embraced the iPad in their teaching,particularly the arts and the technology faculties. PE and music are using them a tremendous amount and designing lessons around them – I think a lot of that is to do with the touch interface and the flexibility and portability that you get with the device, which really feeds into those faculties A week after the training, people are still coming up to me saying, ‘Thank you. I was really apprehensive about the training initially, I used my iPad for email and that was it, but now I feel much more confident.’ […] That was exactly what I wanted from the day - I wanted staff to be asking how we move forward, what can we do next, saying ‘I want to do this.’ If I’d just have said, ‘we’re going down the iPad route, here’s your iPad’ and not done the training, I don’t think we’d have the same success.

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