• Delivery

    What is it?

    Finding the right technology to deliver all your creative and design work successfully, whether that be digitally or as print. Digital delivery can include formats compatible with iPad, iPhone and web.

    Why does it matter?

    By taking charge of the delivery of your work, you can find the right method that works for you, whether that be investing in software that allows you to create work in formats that you can deliver and output to a range of places, or by investing in the hardware you need to print your own work in-house.

    What can we do?

    We can supply you with all the tools you need for your printing workflow, colour management workflow and digital delivery workflow.

    This covers:

    • Large format and pro photo printers.
    • Printing supplies, including RIPs, specialist paper, toners and ink.
    • Colour management solutions.
    • App development and deployment.
    • Secure and encrypted file transfer.

    What are the benefits?

    We can offer digital delivery solutions that will enable you to create content and deliver it across formats and platforms, while ensuring compatibility. We understand that creative businesses work to mission critical deadlines, which is why our solutions and services are geared to give you peace of mind when it matters, so you can deliver projects on time and on budget. Our services include secure file transfer as a managed service, making it easy for you to transfer even the largest of files – whether that is audio, video or graphics work. While our custom app development service allows you to control who gets access to your content so you can ensure you’re hitting the right audience and your brand communication is consistent.

    Image of a designer looking through work

    “Jigsaw24’s service, approach and costs met everything that we were looking for. We value their support and they massively benefit our business’.”

    Marcello Fulgenzi, Studio Manager, Drummond Central.

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