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Blackmagic's DaVinci Revival is the world's leading film restoration tool. It can resurrect even the most damaged footage, whether you need to reduce the grain on your latest HD project or want to restore a warped, scratched classic for re-release.

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Revival is packed with tools to help you tackle every kind of imperfection:

  • Grain and noise reduction - Revival can tell the difference between electrical noise and the natural grain of your film, meaning you can make more precise adjustments to each. You can even add grain back into a shot if you decide you want a grittier look.

  • Dirt and scratch removal - Use spatial, temporal and median filters to isolate and remove dirt and dust specks, then track and repair up to ten scratches at once.

  • Stabilisation and de-warping - Set the zoom, crop, horizontal position, vertical position and rotation of a shot manually to compensate for any unwanted movement, then use Revival's automatic de-warping and splice repair tools to ensure every frame looks perfect.

  • Stain removal - When you shoot in humid conditions, the emulsion of your film can become the perfect breeding ground for mould. Great for microbes, not so good for your film. Luckily, Revival can remove any stains quickly and easily.

  • De-flickering - Whether you're working with worn archive footage or dailies that didn't quite survive the airport X-ray machine, Revival can balance the luminance of each shot to remove any unwanted flickering.

  • Independent RGB controls - Most tools handle red, green and blue channels separately for greater precision - this is especially useful for problems resulting from bad transfers, as channels tend to be scanned sequentially, so might need different corrections.

  • Network rendering - Because Revival is built on clusters of Linux computers working together, you can take advantage of multi-core rendering for ultra-fast repair work.

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Restoring single frames or short clips? Revival Standard is the go-to kit if you want to make corrections to smaller projects. It can tackle all common problems you encounter while restoring, and you can manually control the changes to each individual frame.

If you're facing the daunting task of wading through your facility's entire back catalogue, try Revival Pro. Its automatic control option lets you group frames and apply corrections to them all simultaneously, saving you thousands of hours. (It also has extra tools for scratch removal, de-warping and stabilisation).

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As the UK's only supplier of Revival, we work closely with Blackmagic engineers to ensure our consultants can always provide the most up to the minute recommendations and support. Our team can design, demo, build, test and install a system that fits your specifications, then help you revamp your internal and external storage to ensure you're working at the fastest possible speeds. We'll even arrange system orientation and training, so you can be sure of a smooth startup.

To find out more, call our team of consultants on 03332 400 222 or email DaVinci@Jigsaw24.com

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