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Our DaVinci team can help you with configuring your system, keeping pace with the latest updates and finding training that's geared to your workflow (and the latest version of Resolve). If you're still on the fence, they can carry out a full system demo at your site or here at Jigsaw24.

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Ask the experts

If your query can't wait, you can get in touch with a member of our post-production team directly.

Gerry Vickers,
DaVinci Consultant

Gerry is a seasoned professional who started out as a Telecine service engineer before becoming a successful London colourist/facility engineer. Prior to linking up with us, he spent 17 years as DaVinci Sales Manager for the EMEA region. His in-depth knowledge of post-production, coupled with his extensive DaVinci experience, makes him the man to ask about colour correction and film restoration.

Get in touch with Gerry on
(+44) 07717 488 492


Jamie Allan,
Solutions Architect

Jamie's work in live visuals, event photography and video production have made him one of our most versatile consultants, and perfect if you want to talk about how your new solution will fit into your overall workflow. As a DaVinci Resolve solutions architect and system engineer, he's also the man who'll be developing your turnkey workstation.

Get in touch with Jamie at Jamie.Allan@Jigsaw24.com


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Don't do forms? You can always reach us on 03332 409 305 or email DaVinci@Jigsaw24.com

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