Configuration and testing

Testing your kit before it tests your patience

Are you looking to roll out a raft of new Apple macOS and Apple iOS devices? Upgrading your current workstations? Or racking up a new server or storage system? We can make sure all your hardware arrives ready to be used, so you can get on with your daily workflow/sit back and have another cup of tea.

  • Avoid the stress of individually downloading all your essential software and applications for staff – we can pre-load a corporate image with everything you need.
  • Get your staff all on the same page by letting us deploy apps and sync settings on your new iOS and macOS mobile devices.
  • Ensure your back-end’s in order – for storage and infrastructure projects, we provide scoped hardware and software from our industry-leading infrastructure partners.
  • Get your kit up to speed by letting us pre-flight and run tests on your new hardware, software and plug-ins for optimum performance here at Jigsaw24 HQ.
  • Save a load of time – we’ll configure everything before shipping so it arrives at your place ready to plug and play.

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Deploying iPad, iPhone and Mac
ready to use

iOS and macOS configuration

If you’re bringing iOS devices or Mac into your business, whether it’s five devices or 15,000, we can configure the whole lot before it reaches you, and deliver everything to users’ desks (or homes). This includes:

  • Imaging and staging of all your corporate images and applications.
  • Building and deploying profiles and policies for MDM.
  • Registering devices under Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme (DEP).
  • Sorting out your asset management, with an ‘out/in’ asset app available.
  • Pre-registering your device warranties.
  • Arranging user training collateral and videos for new Apple deployments.

Improving your storage
and server speed

Storage and server configuration

Reliable storage is essential in any IT environment, and we can help you improve the performance and speed of yours, while increasing fault tolerance and efficiency. This includes:

  • Installing your rack and new server and storage hardware.
  • Configuring your operating systems so you’re ready to go.
  • Carrying out a complete workflow test based on your everyday operations.

Reducing any pro
hardware headaches

Professional workstations and AV systems

It’s not just Apple and infrastructure we can configure – with a team of media and entertainment experts, we’re able to configure all your professional workstations and AV systems too. This includes:

  • Pre-configuring all your professional hardware, software and plug-ins for optimum performance.
  • Pre-flighting and carrying out soak and burn tests to reduce hardware failures.
  • Configuring everything before delivery so you don’t need to call anyone in, saving you time, money and probably a few technical headaches.

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