Case study

iLife Training at
Chamberlayne College for the Arts

Chamberlayne College for the Arts in Southampton recently installed a brand new Mac suite and our partners at the NTI went in to help them out with some training. We caught up with David Woolcock, the college's Learning Technologies Coach, to see what he thought of the whole process.

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According to David, none of the teachers at Chamberlayne "had so much as touched a Mac…and were still struggling to get to grips with how to use Windows and MS Office". They needed help working out how to get the most out of their new equipment and use it effectively to teach their students, rather than just having fun taking self-portraits with Photo Booth!

Training with NTI
Jigsaw24 has worked with the NTI for years; together we help schools get equipped with everything they need to teach students as effectively as possible, including training. David had a brief chat about Chamberlayne's needs with expert Neil Emery, who suggested that David and another member of staff accompany him on a tour of a few schools that had already benefited from help and training. They talked to staff and students, and watched them use their own Macs in lessons. "It was a real eye opener" says David. "Staff and pupils at these schools were totally enthused by what they were producing…with subject areas such as music and art making amazing use of the resources".

After the tour, Chamberlayne College booked a training session for February this year. Neil and his colleague Ben visited the school and gave members of staff an intensive one-day course in iLife '09, which comes free on all Macs. David said that teachers soon started "making connections between what they were learning and what they usually teach", and their feedback was really positive. Everyone was excited about what it could mean for their lessons in every subject and year group: "This would be brilliant with year 7, or year 8, or year 9…"

The Benefits
Since the initial training session, the Chamberlayne Mac suite has been booked solid. "NTI have provided us with the means to actually use our Macs, instead of only turning them on for open evenings and Ofsted inspections. Pupils are engaged and staff are growing in confidence" says David. They've also used their new skills outside of the classroom by creating links with their junior feeder schools, who can now access to the Macs too.

The teachers at Chamberlayne College have been able to build a relationship with trainers who have the expertise and experience needed to provide them with the best possible training from the start. David described it as the "most friendly and inspiring way to learn a new technology I have ever experienced in the world of education", and is keen to keep working with them. Everyone at Chamberlayne College is very happy with the way things are going after the first round of training and David told us that staff have already signed up for two more training sessions: "This year has been very successful for us and with the help of NTI, I can see no reason why this success won't continue to prosper".

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Chamberlayne College for the Arts is the main secondary school in Weston, Southampton, and a specialist Arts College and Trust School too. They provide education for some 900 students aged between 11 and 16, aiming to "maintain high expectations of academic success and personal behaviour, promote creativity, enterprise and initiative, encourage a healthy and active lifestyle, and provide a safe, caring and stimulating place to learn".