Case study

Creating captivating course content
at Chalfonts Community College

In a college with over 2000 students, nearly all of whom study art, introducing a Digital Art GCSE in a way that was quick to learn and at the same time gave students useful skills posed a significant challenge. We set up the college with Adobe Captivate and Connect Pro so that they could create engaging course content quickly.

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Why did they come to us?
When Chalfonts decided to launch a Digital Art GCSE, they wanted a more engaging, interactive way to deliver information than handouts and worksheets.

What did they need?
A solution that would let staff create tutorials and interactive presentations that could be stored online or downloaded by students.

How did we help?
We set the college up with Adobe Captivate and Adobe Connect Pro so that they could create and share their own teaching materials, and students could respond to projects by submitting online presentations.

What were the benefits?
The Captivate and Connect Pro setup allows teachers to create presentations that the students can download and refer to at any time, or work alongside using lessons. Students are also able to submit work via online Connect meetings, meaning it can be reviewed by other students, teachers and off-site assessors. The new technology has reinvigorated staff and students and improved the profile of the college and course – they’ve had to double the number of places available.

“The solution has allowed me to engage in innovative learning as well as the students. As a professional, it’s got me wired and excited about teaching.”

Greg Hodgson, Head of Art, Chalfonts Community College

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Chalfonts Community College are a DfES designated Technology College that serves over 2000 pupils aged between 11 and 18.