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Why make the move from PC to Mac?

Is your business looking at making the move to Mac? If you still have any questions, one of our free Apple webinars could hold the answer. Over three days, we’re going to be looking at everything from the total cost of ownership of Mac and how to effectively manage Apple hardware, to an introduction to the Mac operating system, OS X, and how that can improve end user efficiency. There will also be chance to put any questions to our team at the end. If you’re interested in one (or all three), please register your place below.

Tuesday 24th September, 12:30pm
Webinar: More efficient workforce, lower total cost

Perfect for execs, finance teams and budgetary decision makers.
With lower support costs, improved workforce efficiency, higher residual value and even leasing options from Jigsaw24, the total cost of ownership of Macs for business can be significantly less than other desktops or notebooks. In this webinar, we’ll show finance teams evidence of Mac TCO, and explain how switching to Macs has helped Styles and Wood Design.

Wednesday 25th September, 12:30pm
Webinar: Easy, low-cost Mac management
for tech teams

Perfect for IT technicians and support staff.
In this session, we run through how rolling out Mac within your organisation can reduce the time and cost of managing and supporting your end users, while at the same time improving security with a higher level of endpoint encryption. We’ll discuss everything from Apple products like Time Capsule, iCloud and Apple TV to AD integration and management solutions.

Thursday 26th September, 12:30pm
Webinar: Increase productivity for end users with Mac

Perfect for management and end users.
We recently surveyed a number of businesses, and found most agreed that the reliability, power, speed and design of Mac and OS X enhanced employee experience and boosted efficiency. In this webinar, we’ll take a look at the survey results, and run through basic OS X features that will help increase productivity, and ease integration with existing Windows systems and infrastructure.

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As well as case studies from some of our biggest customers like News International, we try to get some of the expert techie advice our consultants are constantly spouting about Macs, iPad and handy workarounds captured on film. Head to our YouTube channel to have a look.

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