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Leading the way with Adobe Connect Pro
at Buckinghamshire LA

Buckinghamshire Local Authority, who operate 240 schools in the county, wanted to make resources available online for students, and provide a virtual learning environment. We advised they use Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional and Adobe Captivate to deliver 21st century eLearning capability.

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What did they need?
The authority wanted to enable schools to put resources online for students to access inside and outside school. It also needed a virtual classroom solution that did not rely on expensive, proprietary systems.

How did we help?
To support its efforts, the authority implemented a virtual learning environment (VLE) using Moodle, an open source course management system. But, for the authority, that was just the first step. Next, an Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional system was adopted to deliver video, support online virtual classrooms and keep network traffic to a minimum.

What were the benefits?
Moodle and Adobe Connect are now linking schools across Buckinghamshire, helping the authority create new kinds of connections, new methods of course delivery and even support new types of schools. Adobe and Moodle technologies are helping Buckinghamshire Local Authority face a digital future of education, using web and multimedia technology to cut costs while expanding capability.

“We’re doing this in a best-of-breed way, with Moodle as the best learning environment and Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional as the best web conferencing and collaboration solution.”

Ian Usher, eLearning coordinator, Buckinghamshire Local Authority

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Buckinghamshire Local Authority operates 240 schools, ranging in size from more than 2000 pupils to just a few students.

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