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Overcoming physical restrictions
with an interactive iPad app at BRE

BRE Group’s Retrofit project aimed to show housing associations the costs and benefits of refurbishing ageing properties. As they only had physical space to showcase four out of 25 options, we built them a dashboard-style app that would allow clients such as the Glasgow Housing Association to calculate the costs for their 43,000-property portfolio quickly and easily. Senior management and clients are “very impressed”, and the app is about to hit the App Store…

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Why did they come to us?
“We could only physically build four of the design options that we came up with but we probably identified 25 different options,” explained associate director of construction innovation, Dr David Kelly, “so what we decided to do was develop an app that could be used to explore all the design options we’d identified. ”

After talking to BRE’s IT department (who had previously worked with our AV team), David was encouraged to get in touch with Jigsaw24’s app development team.

What did they need?
A dynamic sales app that could be used as a catalogue, price list and quote generator, as well as ensuring universal access to marketing collateral and standardised documents like terms and conditions.

How did we help?
The aim was to show housing developers how much they could lower their running and maintenance costs by refurbishing the houses they managed. BRE wanted an app because it represented, in David’s words, “a good, user-friendly way of presenting what is very technical information in a way that is accessible to a range of user groups.

What were the benefits?
A dashboard-centric app that let users modify each element in the flat separately, then see the resulting costs and savings as a simple side-by-side comparison. The app allows property developers to model several different scenarios, then see the metrics for each in a single screen, to simplify the process of choosing between them.

"We’re very happy to develop our relationship with Jigsaw24 – we’d be very happy to recommend them and work with them again."
Dr David Kelly, Associate director of construction innovation, BRE

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Phoenix IT app screenshot
Phoenix IT app screenshot
Phoenix IT app screenshot
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The BRE Group are a former UK government establishment that carries out research, consultancy and testing for the construction and built environment sectors in the United Kingdom.