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Preparing for a 4K workflow with
Avid ISIS at Brainstorm

In 2015, Brainstorm’s clients began to request more 4K content and the demands of processing and editing such high resolution footage meant that it was time to look for new solutions. After consulting with our team, they moved up to a state of the art Avid ISIS 1000, but not before taking the ISIS 5500 for a test drive...

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What did they need?
An up to date shared storage system for their three Avid edit suites, which could support the increased demand for 4K.

How did we help?
After mapping their workflow and helping them scope out a range of possible solutions, we supplied, installed and supported Avid ISIS 5500 and ISIS 1000 storage units.

What were the benefits?
It’s far easier for them to deal with 4K footage, which is increasingly what clients are demanding. Their networked storage can easily be scaled up or down, and integrated with other elements of the Avid family as their workflow develops.

"The Jigsaw24 engineer was great about answering my questions and letting me see what he was doing and how he was doing it. He was really good, really helpful and always went the extra mile. "

Tom Young, Post-production Manager, Brainstorm.

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