Case study

Cross-platform data management
at Bedford Modern School

FileMaker is a cross-platform database program which is increasingly being used in schools as an effective data management solution. Bedford Modern School use it to enable staff to track attendance throughout the day, reduce the administration time involved in academic reporting and give teachers access to student data from both on and off site.

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What did they need?
A simple, user-friendly data management system that would reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, support electronic registration and make it easier for the school to send regular reports to parents.

How did we help?
We supplied the school with data management program FileMaker Pro, and guided them through a trial of the software before the full rollout took place.

What were the benefits?
Staff can access and manage key data from any location, including an electronic registration system and a facility for sending detailed progress reports to parents on a regular basis. Being able to email electronic reports to parents has drastically reduced the school’s printing costs, and the system as a whole has helped drive down the amount of time spent on admin tasks. FileMaker has proven scalable and future-proof, allowing the system to develop as the school’s needs have changed.

"After a successful and problem-free development and trial, our decision was easily made. FileMaker ticked all the right boxes, and for the past three years its adaptability has enabled us to evolve the system to suit our needs.”

Gary Jones, Head of Art, Design and Information Technology.

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Bedford Modern is a co-educational independent school for students from seven to 18 years old.