Case study

Updating facilities to win new students
at Barnsley College

Sixth Form Barnsley College wanted to revamp their media setup to make it a more attractive prospect for potential students. We worked with them to develop a professional-style setup, complete with hybrid Sony cameras and BeachTek XLR boxes.

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Why did they come to us?
Sam Wilson, head of the media unit at Barnsley College wanted to update the college’s entry-level. He wanted cameras with better quality and resolution that would also give a good impression to prospective students.

What did they need?
An up-to-date camera setup that would impress prospective students and give current ones experience of an industry-applicable workflow without breaking the bank.

How did we help?
We provided a combination of Sony HD1000 cameras (chosen for their professional shoulder mount form factor) and HVR-Z7 cameras (as their hybrid design allowed students to master tape and solid state workflows). We also added XLR units to the cameras so students could record professional quality audio.

What were the benefits?
The college now uses workflows modelled on those in professional production environments, giving students industry-applicable skills. Students can use the audio equipment to take on new roles during media lessons and develop new competencies. The modernised department is now an attractive prospect for potential students.

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Barnsley College is a Sixth Form college which aims to “provide exceptional opportunities and inspirational learning experiences for young people, adults, businesses and the diverse communities”.