Need to protect your assets against the unknown?
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Managing your backup can be frustrating, especially when anything goes wrong. So we’ve developed our managed backup service, Backup24, for creatives who need secure, offsite protection for their intellectual property and digital media assets. With Backup24, you can leave everything with us – we’ll tell you if anything goes wrong, so you can carry on working without the management headache!

"I don't worry about my data anymore – Jigsaw24 have got it covered. Backup24 let's me sleep at night."

Neil Rostance, Managing Director, Fat Free Media

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Why Backup24?
Someone on the end of the phone to give you advice and guidance, and to see how your backups are doing.
Scalable and flexible costs from just 4p per GB
– you only pay for what you need to use.
No file recovery costs so there's no limit to your file access.
Fast, simple retrieval of your mission-critical data – if you lose your data, we should be able to retrieve it.
Anytime access to a physical, secured copy
of your data.
Secure connections initiated by you, making for safer transfer of data.
Live mirror copy of your existing data structure.
Daily snapshots of data, so any version of a file can be retrieved.
Physical checks of the integrity of the backup every day.
Get this to go. Download the datasheet here.

Why choose Jigsaw24
for managed backup?

  • We understand creative businesses and workflows inside out, and realise the importance of data and the need to ensure that it’s protected.
  • We’re experienced in designing systems for storage and servers, and have been installing, moving and managing petabytes of data for years.
  • We’ve had customers that have stayed with us for our reliable services for over 20 years.

We've got it covered!

Safeguard your business with Jigsaw24. Our range of business critical solutions make sure your files and digital assets are protected. Just some of the ways we have you covered include:

  • Disaster recovery.
  • Business continuity.
  • Hosted server management.
  • Cloud services.
  • Data retention plans.

A Solution for everyone!

Example pricing (exc. VAT) 
Backup24£40 per TB/month
Remote set-up£250
Onsite set-up£850

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