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With audio and video facilities providing more diverse services, dealing with more file types and working with larger files than ever before, the days when you could have a single artists working solo on their machines are long gone.

Enter Avid’s ISIS shared storage. Simple, scalable and available at a hearty discount if you trade in your existing hardware, ISIS lets your editors, VFX artists, audio techs and anyone else on the network share the same high-speed storage and access the same files at the same time. Rather than having a project in pieces on 12 machines, the entire thing is stored centrally, and your team just access the files they need when they need them – far more efficient, and far simpler to back up.

We’re one of the few companies in the world to be Avid Elite Partners for Video, Audio and Storage, so we’re perfectly placed to help you get your shared storage setup in order, whatever discipline you’re working in. Here are the key facts...

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Sammy, storage and archive solutions architect

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What's available

ISIS 5000 systems start from 16TB and are scalable all the way to 92TB, while ISIS 7000s start at 32TB and go up to 768TB complete with ISIS Mirroring protection. According to Avid, that’s enough to store up to 1354 fully protected hours of uncompressed 10bit HD, or 25,493 hours of 50 Mbps compressed HD, and these ISIS 7000 systems can support up to 330 clients simultaneously. Avid also have a list of qualified switches, so you can be sure that all your hardware is as tightly integrated and reliable as possible.



How your work’s managed

Your ISIS setup is made out of storage elements, which are managed by the ISIS File System. This allows your ISIS unit to distribute data and metadata between elements, automatically balancing workloads and optimising the performance and capacity of the entire system. Depending on which ISIS unit you go for, you’ll also get a certain level of redundancy built in, so that you can be sure of uninterrupted availability and reliability.

Installation and configuration

As an Avid Elite Partner with ACSRs for ISIS and Media Composer, we can help you with everything from system design through to installation, configuration and support – we’ll even set up your system and test it in our warehouse before it’s installed, so there’s less chance of you having any major teething problems. Once everything’s up and running, we can provide handover training and system orientations for your tech team, or set you up with a tailor-made support contract if you’d like ongoing expert help.

What our customers are saying...


“The real eye-opener was how good Jigsaw24’s technical sales staff and consultants were, and its engineers were nothing short of exceptional.”


"The main benefit of Avid AAF and round tripping from Symphony to Resolve is that the final sequences came back into Avid with all the Sapphire plug-ins, nested shots etc perfectly in place. The edit was identical to the offline but the pictures being referenced were beautifully graded. Joy!"



Want to find out more about our end-to-end Avid solutions?

Give our team a call on 03332 409 301 or email Avid@Jigsaw24.com

Need some support?

We have Avid Certified Support Representatives on staff, and are one of the few companies in the world who are Avid Elite Partners for audio, video and storage, so there’s no-one better placed than us to support you. All our purchases come with free email and phone support, but we also offer tailored support contracts that include:

• A dedicated point of contact, so you’re always working with someone who understands your system

• Guaranteed break-fix times

• Emergency hardware loans and same day delivery of replacement components

• Remote system fixes

• Embedded engineers

To find out more about our support solutions, give us a call on 03332 409 301 or emailAvid@Jigsaw24.com

Phil - Avid Support Specialist

Want to get started yourself?

Anyone who’s thinking of investing heavily in Avid should obviously give our team a call (we’re Avid Elite Partners for audio, video and storage, don’tcha know), but we’ve got a wealth of resources over on our site. Here are a few to get you started...

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