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What is Avid Everywhere?

The Avid Everywhere strategy links all Avid products and services and includes the MediaCentral platform and the Avid Suites: Artist, Media and Storage. Avid describe their Everywhere strategy as ‘an open, shared platform that enables editors, production crews and data wranglers to access files and project data wherever they are'.

While we can’t sell you ‘Avid Everywhere’, we can supply you with the individual components, like Pro Tools, Media Composer, ISIS and Interplay that will work together and create a harmonious Avid Everywhere solution, where different users are able to work collectively on projects. If you’re thinking of investing (or already have) in Avid software, make sure you have a look at our Avid Support section.

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What is Avid MediaCentral? Arrow 

MediaCentral Platform is the architecture which underpins all Avid services, and is built into the framework of many Avid products. Avid break down MediaCentral platform into four key components, which we’ve included in a nice neat table below.

Media Services Connectivity Toolkit Orchestration Engine User Administration and Configuration
Search across your entire network Tie third parties into the workflow Workflow and process automation Single sign-on
Media playback on any device Share data across systems Flexible resource allocation Role-based acces
Share assets in any format Real-time monitoring Data-driven decision making Centralised system management

What about MediaCentral UX?

Formerly known as Interplay Central, all Avid services are accessed through MediaCentral UX, the interface for MediaCentral and the face of Avid Everywhere. Replacing Interplay Central, MediaCentral UX is designed to ensure that everyone has relatively uniform access to project assets. Users on mobile devices or notebooks can choose to access their Avid apps directly or through a web app, then browse, play back, log sequences, drop markers, make notes and mix audio from anywhere with an internet connection, regardless of the limitations of the device they’re working on. It even supports frame chase editing of MXF files.

Avid Everywhere diagram

Avid Suites Arrow

expand.   Artist Suite 

expand.   Media Suite 

expand.   Storage Suite 

Avid Support Arrow 

What is Avid Support?

Avid Support is a yearly support contract, that we highly encourage people to take out for all their existing Avid licences.

You should get Avid Support because…

From the 1st January 2015, Avid are doing away with their current upgrade plan for key software including Media Composer, Symphony and NewsCutter. Upgrades will be replaced with Avid Support contracts. If you haven’t moved to Avid Support by 1st January 2015 and you find you do want new versions of Avid software, you’ll have to buy full, new licences at £939 (£1126.80 inc VAT) each.

Read our guide to Avid Support contracts, where we aim to answer a whole load of Avid Support related questions. Read more here

Need some support?

As an Avid Elite Partner for audio, video and storage (we’re a rare bunch, there are only a few companies in the world with this title), we also have Avid Certified Support Representative staff here and ready to help, as all our purchases come with free email and phone support. For those of you looking for a bit more support, we also offer the following:

  • A dedicated point of contact, so you’re always working with someone who understands your system
  • Guaranteed break-fix times
  • Emergency hardware loans and same day delivery of replacement components
  • Remote system fixes
  • Embedded engineers

To find out more about our support solutions, give us a call on 03332 409 301 or emailAvid@Jigsaw24.com

Resources to help you get started

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