• AD integration

    What is it?

    Integrating your Windows AD with your Macs means that you can manage all your desktops and devices using a single system, reducing hardware costs and ensuring that all your existing Windows permissions are carried over to Mac users, so they can’t see anything they shouldn’t.

    What does it help?

    Having a clear, centralised overview of your estate will save you time and resources, as you’ll be able to manage your AD directory under one roof.

    What can we do?

    • AD integration including single sign on and uniform permissions across platforms.
    • Shared storage integration to ensure storage volumes are accessible to all users.
    • DAS and SAN setups for your Mac workgroups.
    • File management to ensure secure any time, any place access from PCs, Macs and iOS devices.
    • Technical training and support.
    • Hosted AD solutions that incorporate AD management.

    What are the benefits?

    • Reduced hardware costs as you don’t need Windows and Mac hardware.
    • Reduced IT workload as they don’t have to run two separate systems.
    • Improved security thanks to uniform permissions across devices and platforms.
    • Universal access to files, folders and services for end users, no matter what platform they’re on.
    • Reduced capital and operating expenses thanks to our fixed pricing for one, two or three years hosted management.

    How to bind an OS X El Capitan Mac
    to Active Directory

    “Working with Jigsaw24 has been a great experience. They made the whole transition process stress-free and, since we’ve had our support contracts, I’ve had the peace of mind knowing the business has engineers that are just a phone call or email away.”

    Ian Little, Digital product and system manager, AA Publishing

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