• Windows on a Mac

    What is it?

    Working with world-leading vendors, we can deliver managed Windows environments to Mac desktops, meaning your staff can access programs exclusive to either platform, and don’t need to be retrained on a new operating system.

    What does it help?

    Virtualising an Apple environment gives end users access to Windows-only applications on their Macs, so if you’re running multiple operating systems it lets you sidestep having to provide multiple machines per user. You can also host desktops on a central server and stream them to hundreds of users, allowing you to provide a uniform corporate desktop and permissions for different groups of users.

    What can we do?

    • Discovery and strategy sessions.
    • Project management.
    • Desktop virtualisation, configuration and installation.
    • Technical training and support.

    What are the benefits?

    • View Apple devices in a Windows browser.
    • Any time, anywhere access to Mac desktops.
    • Reduced IT team workload.
    • Faster time to desktop for software/application deployments and upgrades.
    • Improved user experience – no need to retrain staff on macOS.

    “We see Jigsaw24 as our IT strategy director. They’re very responsive to our needs in terms of designing a system that works for us.”

    Dan Wright, COO, NorthEdge Capital

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  • Strategy and discovery: how to stay on top of your tech
  • Large scale Mac deployment at Guardian News and Media
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