• What creative user are you?
    • Graphic Designer Looking for a reliable Mac with a large, detailed display
      I'd be lost without...
      • My 27” iMac with 5K Retina display Not only is the large Retina display stunning to work on, but it’s incredibly fast too – perfect for running all your Adobe Creative Cloud applications.
      You might not have thought about...
      • Apple TV Great for sharing ideas with colleagues during brainstorming meetings.
      • iPad Air 2 For taking notes, collecting and organising ideas, and running Adobe Creative Cloud mobile applications.
      Star service: Repairs Our centres in Nottingham, Manchester and London offer both in and out of warranty repairs, with quick turnaround times, and offer loan kit in the unfortunate instance that your Mac needs fixing. Learn more
      “In the studio I have a MacBook connected to a Thunderbolt display, which helps me be mobile around the building or go and see clients.” David Hunter, WM Creative
    • Videographer Looking for a fast and powerful unit with plenty of memory for storing RAW footage.
      You might not have thought about...
      Star service: RAM upgrades Need a bit more memory? We can upgrade your RAM in house before shipping your machine. Learn more
      “I love having access to extra RAM, which I have pre-loaded so it’s perfect for running my powerful creative applications straight away.” Simon Curd, Jigsaw24
    • Photographer Looking for a portable device with a top Retina display
      I'd be lost without...
      • My 15" MacBook Pro with Retina display The 15” Retina display is ideal for viewing and editing all my photos, and is still perfectly portable (with up to 10 hours batter life) for when I’m working on shoots in all kinds of locations.
      You might not have thought about...
      • Mac mini The small yet powerful desktop computer, Mac mini is so small it leaves you plenty of space for a large, professional monitor.
      Star service: Apple Hardware Warranties We offer a range of flexible warranties for all your Apple devices, so you're never without your Mac for long! Learn more
      “The kit that I rely on everyday is my MacBook Pro, because that’s used in the studio and I use it on location. I’ve got battery packs for it so if we’re out in the field and there’s no power I can keep it charged.” Rob Smalley, Scene Photography
    • Web Designer Looking for a thin, light and portable notebook computer.
      I'd be lost without...
      You might not have thought about...
      • MacBook Air The thinnest and lightest of the Apple notebooks, MacBook Air is a great option to go for if a Retina display isn't a vital requirement, but portability is.
      Star service: Mac integration We can help you to integrate Mac into your existing Windows environments with minimal disruption and downtime, giving you access to both platforms for web design testing. Learn more
      “The 15” screen is ideal to design on and the Retina display helps visualise for mobile devices with HiDPI displays.” Jamie Shaw, Web Designer, Jigsaw24
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