• Mac for Business

    What is it?

    Mac is a powerful, secure and flexible system for your business. From sending emails and scheduling right through to creating stunning business presentations and documents, Mac lets users do everything they need right out of the box.

    What are the benefits?

    • Amazing hardware. Whatever your business environment and needs, the Mac lineup has an option to fit the bill. From notebooks with all-day battery life to powerful desktop computers, every Mac is built to give you smoother graphics, faster storage, and great all-round performance.
    • Advanced OS. macOS is the powerful operating system driving every Mac. Fantastically intuitive and easy to use, it has tons of features built in designed to save time and give you better results.
    • Reduced ongoing support costs. Macs are far easier to self-service than PCs, so if minor issues crop up, users are often able to fix the problem themselves. IBM say only 5% of their Mac users need helpdesk support, compared to 40% of their PC users. This saves on time, manpower and operational costs, and leaves your IT team free to get on with more complicated tasks.
    • Reduced electricity bill. Because Apple make both the hardware and operating system, they’re both designed to work together to save energy. In fact, Apple are the only manufacturer whose entire desktop and notebook range meet EPA’s ENERGY STAR and EPEAT Gold standards for better energy usage. For example, a Mac mini uses less power than a single 13 watt CFL lightbulb.
    • Fewer viruses and malware. Mac computers are built on a UNIX foundation which makes them virtually virus and spyware-free, and saves you time and money on IT support. Their advanced built-in security measures also include app-based firewalls, VPN clients, strong encryption tools and integrated internet security.
    • Seamless Windows integration. You get native support for both Apple and Windows-based networks, so you can use your existing PC environments without any compatibility issues, and get support for Microsoft Exchange Server out of the box.
    • Running Windows on a Mac. As well as all the benefits of macOS, including Apple’s own productivity suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), you can also run Windows on a Mac. This means your end users can get all their familiar Windows tools on an Apple machine, and employees can get the most out of software.
    • Residual value. Mac has an excellent reputation when it comes to total cost of ownership (TCO). Apple’s software gets regular updates for free, and the hardware itself is as resilient and hard-wearing as it is good looking.
    • Cheaper software and OS upgrades. If you’re using an up to date Mac, you’ll find that upgrading your operating system (macOS) and productivity software (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), is completely free.
    • Unlimited client server licences. Mac Pro makes a great dedicated server, and the best thing is there are no individual client licences for an Apple managed solution. You just purchase an unlimited client licence for the whole organisation, and don’t have to worry about buying any more licences as the business expands.

    What can we do?

    We’ve made understanding the Apple ecosystem our business for over 20 years, and can help you integrate Apple into your existing environment, irrespective of its current makeup. As an Apple Authorised Service Provider, we have the expertise and vendor relationships needed to help you find your perfect cross-platform solution.

    AD integration. We can help manage all your desktops using a single system, reducing hardware costs and ensuring Windows permissions are carried over. Learn more
    Desktop management. If you don’t have Mac expertise in-house, our managed service allows you to avoid the expense of hiring or retraining staff. Learn more
    Windows on a Mac. We can deliver managed Windows environments to Mac desktops, meaning your staff can access programs exclusive to either platform. Learn more
    Next day delivery. We have the complete range of Mac computers in stock and ready to ship – the next day in many cases. Learn more
    One-stop Apple. We offer the full Apple portfolio including Mac, iPad and Apple services, so you needn’t go anywhere else! Learn more
    Accredited repairs. We offer accredited repairs at Jigsaw24 HQ and Soho (and they’re completely free in warranty!). Learn more
    Super support. Our in-house team provide tech support, from phone advice to a completely managed service. Learn more
    Smooth deployment. We can deploy devices direct to your premises or to employees’ homes, whether it's one or 1000. Learn more

Why Jigsaw24 for Apple?

For 23 years now, Jigsaw24 have focused on the B2B market in the UK. Playing a key role within Apple’s growth into this base, we have been a major player in both Mac and iPad for many years. We like to think that our different approach complements Apple’s strengths, and sets us apart from other suppliers:

We’re British and we’re local. We like to think our sometimes quirky culture is well suited to our creative professional customers.
We can provide credit to customers. Spread the cost of paying for your Apple investment with our credit options for businesses.
We sell many third party products that support the Apple offering – including Adobe, storage, specialist media and entertainment, infrastructure, and design and print products.
We can offer a large variety of business-focused professional services and solutions including integration, mobility, managed services, infrastructure and app development.
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