Custom app development

Custom app development
 Have you found your agency’s getting requests from clients to develop apps, but you just don’t currently have the resource in-house to accommodate them? Why not outsource all the behind-the-scenes coding to us, while you concentrate on creating visuals and keeping your client happy?

Working with Jigsaw24's in-house app development team and me will help you increase your service offering and reduce costs to stay competitive, maintain client relationships and gain new clients too. And we can even improve staff skills by offering training in app development, so you can even take on future projects yourself. Read on to find out more about what we offer. 

– Ollie

How we help Arrow

  • We take your client’s app concept and work with you to see whether it’s achievable. You just do the pre-qualification work with your client, and we can consult on whether the initial concept’s possible.
  • We code the app using your existing visual assets so it ties in with the rest of your campaign branding. Pop over any designs, images and animations, and we’ll fill in the gaps, taking the app to a complete visual point that ties in with your campaign’s branding
  • We deliver the end product and release the app on Apple’s App Store ready to be downloaded, or we can even deploy the finished app to enterprise devices for you and your client.
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Phoenix IT

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See how our app development services have helped these companies

  • Welcome Furniture
  • Phoenix IT
Improving customer service and reducing returns with iPad at Welcome Furniture
 Using the app and homing in on specifics, we’ve saved over 1% on returns for the last couple of months – we’re not even using the app to its full potential yet, and that 1% saves us £130k per year.  

John Peterson,
Welcome Furniture

Welcome Furniture app
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Using innovative apps to drive services sales at Phoenix IT
 When we deal with Jigsaw24 it’s a very proactive, very friendly, very innovative engagement every time – lots of different ideas, lots of different approaches as to how we can do things. I can’t praise the organisation enough. Everybody at Phoenix IT unanimously has a great story to tell about what happened when they worked with Jigsaw24. 
Tim Bodill,
Sales director, Phoenix IT
Phoenix IT case study
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Got an idea for your own app? Arrow

If you want a bespoke app for yourselves, we can help with that too.
Check out all our app development services…

  • Discovery sessions
    and proposal
  • Project
  • App
  • Development
    in iOS SDK (Xcode)
  • Deployment
  • Technical
Discovery sessions and proposal
Our mobility team will help you work out which processes will benefit most from dedicated apps, and help you scope out exactly what functionality you’ll need to support workers. As well as making our own recommendations, we can work with your team to collate feedback from staff, liaise with your technical team to ensure you have all the infrastructure you need in place and produce documentation to help you secure the support of key stakeholders.
Project planning
We’ve been rolling out mission-critical technology to enterprises for over 20 years, so understand how important it is that everything goes smoothly. In the run-up to your launch, we’ll help you plan everything from app design to proof of concept trials to final delivery, updates and maintenance, so everything goes as smoothly as possible when it’s time for you to deliver the app to market.
App design
We can advise on both the technical and aesthetic design of your app, and produce working wireframes and proof of concept models to ensure you’re happy with the look and functionality of the app before taking it to market.
Development in iOS SDK (Xcode)
Exactly what it sounds like. If you don’t have the technical skills to develop for your chosen platform in-house, our team can take care of the heavy lifting, while your technical team focus on making sure your infrastructure and existing processes are ready to go mobile.
This can include a launch event, if you’re rolling our the app at the same time as the devices themselves, integration with your mobile device management (MDM) solution, or the provision of Casper Suite as a managed service including app deployment and management if you prefer.
Technical Support
We are an Apple Authorised Service Provider with qualified engineers in our head office and MediaCityUK, and can offer phone, email and remote support for any issues relating to your app and MDM. Not got an in-house tech team? Our support contracts mean we can act as your help desk, providing you with guaranteed break-fix times, a dedicated point of contact, and loan hardware should anything go wrong.

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Why come to Jigsaw24?

We’ve been delivering mission-critical IT solutions for over 20 years, so understand the importance of reliability, ease of use and excellent support. As experts in cross-platform integration, we’re perfectly positioned to help you get iOS, Android, macOS, PC and Windows Phone working together – we’re even an official partner of the Enterprise Device Alliance. From delivering your devices to deploying your apps and supporting the whole setup, we tackle everything, so you never have to deal with people who don’t understand your system and requirements.

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