Our annual report 2016

More zebras and fewer numbers than any other annual report

While we usually try to maintain an air of aloofness and mystery, we thought it was probably time to let people know a few key facts about life at Jigsaw24. And then one fact led to another, and now we have a 122-page report detailing the highlights of the last 20 years, our finances, and our plans for future growth. These things happen.

Hit the button opposite to see how the different sectors stack up in terms of their earning potential, marvel at our year-on-year growth and finally put a face to the key members of our frighteningly efficient product management team.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Record gross margin of £13m – Up 13% on FY 2015
  • Record EBITDA of £3.4m – Up 23% on FY 2015
  • Record services gross margin – 32% of total gross margin
  • Record recurring revenue – £10m, 10% of total revenue
  • Record employee numbers – 197 magical people

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