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Creative Cloud: The admin bit
Fun time is over; it's time to get down to Creative Cloud brass tacks. Of course, if talk of licensing plans and deployment tools is your idea of a fun time, then this section will really get you going. Find out everything you need to know about Adobe pricing, licensing and deployment tools below. Remember that, as an Adobe Platinum Reseller, our team are on hand to guide you through the process, so don't hesitate to get in touch to sign up or find out more…
Stump up your cash – Creative Cloud pricing
The all-important money bit. Here's an example of the typical costs associated with a year of Creative Cloud

How does it work?
How much is it?
Perfect for...
All Apps
Annual subscription; prepaid.
Starting at £638 per seat, per year. Tiered pricing applies for purchases of 10 or more seats.
Users wanting to access all the 29 desktop apps, mobile apps and services in Creative Cloud.
Single App
Annual subscription; prepaid.
Starting at £267 per seat, per year. Tiered pricing applies for purchases of 10 or more seats.
Users only needing a specfic app.
Get the VIP treatment – Adobe Value Incentive Plan

Fancy indulging in the VIP lifestyle? While there are no limos or champagne involved (we've asked our Adobe rep to look into this), Creative Cloud gives you the chance to feel very important indeed. The Value Incentive Plan (VIP) is Adobe's new scheme for managing the Creative Cloud deployment process.

It lets you purchase, manage, and assign permissions to use Adobe software and services to users through a really simple, easy to use portal. Basically, your Jigsaw24 contact sets up a VIP portal and invites you in, then you deploy the software as needed, and can monitor who's got access to what. Becoming a VIP member also lets you keep track of all your Cloud seats in a single agreement with a single anniversary date, even if you add extra seats part way through the year, so you never lose track of what needs renewing. It's like you're the Zsa Zsa Gabor of software licensing.

Be a picky so-and-so – VIP Member Choice and VIP Select

If you're the kind of person who likes to pick and choose to suit your tastes, you'll be well catered for by Adobe's two new options for managing your Creative Cloud licences – VIP Member Choice and VIP Select. VIP Member Choice lets you pick your renewal or anniversary dates upfront for the next four years, so you're never caught out by having to renew your licences.

VIP Select gives you tiered pricing, offering customers significant savings on volume purchases of Adobe products. You only need 10 seats to qualify for VIP Select, and can achieve even deeper savings when you sign up to a three year commit. Pickin' marvellous.

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Creative Cloud for the masses! - Adobe Packager

Who doesn’t love a big package? Especially when you can share it with as many colleagues as possible. Lucky then, that Adobe have developed Creative Cloud Packager, which makes it easy for you to create packages of Creative Cloud products and updates then deploy them en masse to client machines.

Essentially, you log in as an administrator to the Creative Cloud portal and download Creative Cloud Packager. Using this, you create Windows and/or Mac OS packages (MSI or PKG files) and then using any third-party deployment tool that supports the deployment of native installers (for instance Microsoft SCCM, Apple ARD, or JAMF Software Casper Suite) deploy them.

Find out more about Adobe Packager in our how-to PDF
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