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Licensing options for business
All apps
Single app
Creative Cloud for teams*
£638 (£765.50 inc VAT)
per user, per year
£267 (£320.40 inc VAT)
per user, per year
Creative Cloud for enterprise* (VIP)
£840 (£1008 inc VAT)
per user, per year
£360 (£432 inc VAT)
per user, per year
Creative Cloud for enterprise
(ETLA - min 100 devices)
Price negotiated with Adobe
Price negotiated with Adobe
*This is 'Tier 1' pricing - there are discounts available for bulk purchases.
Key decisions for business: CCft vs CCfe?

Creative Cloud for teams is designed for small workgroups or departments who need to work closely together on projects. By signing up for CCft, you not only get access to all the usual Creative Cloud apps, (or a single app, if you choose the Single App option) but also to additional online services and 100GB of cloud storage per user to enable easier collaboration, (although this drops to 20GB if you opt for a single app).

Creative Cloud for enterprise has been specifically designed for enterprise users. It includes access to all the top creative apps you'd expect, including Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and the rest, but also some nifty enterprise-only features, details of which are here.

If you have a dedicated IT resource and are looking to streamline management and have more control over your environment – including identifying and authenticating users, and protecting assets and documents – then Creative Cloud for enterprise is going to be ideal for you.

Key decisions for business: VIP vs ETLA?

VIP stands for Value Incentive Plan.
This is the name of Adobe’s subscription-based model, where you pay a set fee per year per licence. There is no limit on the number of devices you need to purchase to buy through VIP.

Because it’s a subscription model, VIP licences offer dependable annual or termly pricing, the ability to increase or reduce the number of licences you need every year and you don’t need to keep track of hundreds of serial numbers as the Adobe VIP portal will give you centralised administrative control over your licences.


The Enterprise Term Licensing Agreement (ETLA) is a three year contract between your business and Adobe. It is available to anyone who wants to buy 100 or more named licences (device licensing is only available through the VIP). Pricing is negotiated with Adobe and can include...

All Adobe Creative Cloud apps, Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter and more, all managed through the Adobe Enterprise Dashboard for simpler admin. It’s worth noting that only named licences are available through an ETLA, and you can't get Creative Cloud for teams this way - only for enterprise.

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