Dedolight Photoflex Interview Kit (3 Lights)

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    Dedolight Photoflex Interview Kit (3 Lights)

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    Availability:  Estimated 2-3 Days Delivery

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    This Dedolight Photoflex Interview Kit (3 Lights) is a great lighting kit for indoor interviews and presentations. It provides soft tasteful lighting of subjects.

    Lighting Kits often provide you with 3 lights of the same type to light your subject, in reality for 3-point lighting the same light may not nessecarily be the best light for different applications. This kit provides you with a Keylight in the form of a Photoflex Octodome, a Fill light in the form of the Dedo DLHX150 soft box and the DLH4 as a Backlight that can be positioned directly above the talent.


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    - Dedo DL150C 24V 150W Halogen Lamp - Dedo DLH1X150S Soft Light Head 100W/150W - Dedo DL Grid XS Lighting Grid - Dedo Dedoflex Mini Soft Box Silver - Dedo DLH4 Aspherics Light Head 100-150W - Dedo Standard Barn Door Eight Leaves - Dedo DSTFX Flexible Stand Extension - Dedo PSU Power Supply DT24-1E 24V/150W - Dedo Collapsible Lightweight Stand - Starlite Octodome NXT Kit - Photoflex Spare 1000W Bulb For Starlite - Photoflex Octodome 3 Fabric Grids Small - Dedo DLPHT High Temp Resistance Pouch - Photoflex Starlite Kit Protective Bag
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