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Sony shooters! You can now get up to five years Prime Support for your camera.
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Sony have a reputation for producing reliable, robust cameras that are accessible for a range of different budgets and uses, from the Sony NXCAM range for run and gun work to Cinealta solutions like the 4K Sony F65.

Their Sony NXCAM and Sony XDCAM camcorders are backed up by a range of innovative workflow tools – check out metadata manager XMPilot and the stunning Sony Trimaster EL OLED monitors. As a Sony Specialist Dealer with more stock than you can shake a colour calibrator at, we’re your best bet if you need anything from workflow advice or a last minute delivery of Sony kit to your set...

Megan – Product manager

Featured case study

Building an IPTV studio
at Racing Post

When Racing Post decided it was time to make the move from print to video and set up their own IPTV channel, our broadcast team helped them design a full studio, along with an outside broadcast solution that would let them shoot, edit and chromakey in the field.

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