Bouncepad Switch Additional Fitting

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    Bouncepad Switch Additional Fitting

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    Jigsaw Code: G327AAI
    Manufacturer Code: bouncepadSWITCH

    Platform:  general general

    Availability:  Stock Arriving Soon

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    If you don't want your Bouncepad stuck in portrait or landscape orientation, add the Switch fitting to change between the two with a smooth click. This additional extra is particularly useful if you're frequently changing between apps, as it allows you to switch your Bouncepad case's orientation with a 90� turn. The Switch function is fitted to your Bouncepad when we build it, so order alongside your chosen Bouncepad enclosure.

    The Bouncepad Switch additional fitting is compatible with Boucnepad models Branch, Desk, Floorstanding, Floorstanding Slim, Rail, Static 60 Degree, Vesa and Wallmount


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