Bouncepad Rail Kiosk

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    Bouncepad Rail Kiosk

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    The Bouncepad Rail kiosk bracket allows you to optimise your space by utilising existing railings as a mounting surface. Place single units in key locations, such as service counters, or immerse them in a wrap-around digital installation.

    Adjustable to fit to you rail's diameter, the Bouncepad Rail can be securely attached to public railings with a cushioned mounting arm holding it firmly in place. With the option to mount this enclosure on both horizontal and vertical railings, you can be creative in designing your tablet installation. And you can keep your devices continuously powered without the clutter of cables by running them through or along your rails.

    Each Bouncepad is configured to order, so once you've chosen the design that best suits your application you can specify which iPad or tablet you will be using. The kiosks are available in black, white or custom colours - get in touch to find out about company branded Bouncepad faceplates. You can also decide if you would like the home button and camera on your tablet covered or uncovered, so the kiosk is truly tailored for your personal requirements.

    The Bouncepad Rail is available as standard or with the Tilt and/or Switch additional fittings.


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