Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Control Surface for Mac/PC

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    Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Control Surface for Mac/PC

    Ordered on Request. Usually 7-10 Days.

    Jigsaw Code: X674AAE
    Manufacturer Code: BMD-DV/RES/AADPNL

    • Applications Supported: DaVinci Resolve
    • Connection: USB

    Platform:  cross platform cross platform

    Availability:  Ordered on Request. Usually 7-10 Days.

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    The DaVinci Resolve control surface and software have been specifically designed by colourists to work together in total harmony. Controls have been placed near your natural hand positions keeping the on screen software interface clear of clutter for better visual feedback of your work. Trackballs have been placed together so lift, gamma and gain can all be adjusted at the same time. Each control has a separate button or knob so you can instinctively reach out and touch every part of your image.

    Buttons can be set to any custom colour, and with a huge 38 independent soft knobs with automatic colour labels, you'll never have to page through multiple menus for common adjustments. Full deck control buttons with jog and shuttle are built in. All grade memories and gallery still frames can be recalled with a simple press of a button. Only the DaVinci Resolve control surface lets you keep your head up and grading at full speed!

    DaVinci supports flat gamma, linear or log images with equal ease and quality. If you need to resize, reposition or zoom any shot, then DaVinci Resolve does it all in real time at full RGB optical quality. Pan, tilt, zoom and rotate while grading mixed formats, mixed pixel aspect ratios and mixed resolutions all on the same timeline. Only DaVinci uses YRGB processing to independently adjust luminance using a simple control for greater creativity, such as slightly burnt out or desaturated highlights.


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    General Specifications

    Applications Supported
    DaVinci Resolve
    Host OS
    Mac OS X Windows
    Display Type
    High Resolution LCD Displays
    Display Quantity


    Soft Lables
    Soft Lables (Quantity)
    Transport Controls
    Transport Controls (Quantity)
    Jog Shuttle
    Master Dials (Quantity)
    Master Dials (Function)
    Lift, Gamma and Gain
    Tracker Balls (Quantity)
    Tracker Balls (Function)
    Lift, Gamma and Gain
    Knobs (Quantity)
    Buttons (Quantity)
    Built-in Keyboard
    Numeric Pad

    Physical Description

    Black Body Blue LCD Red Illuminated Buttons
    Desktop Mounting


    12 Months

    What's in the Box

    DaVinci Control Surface Davinci Resolve Software Dongle
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