Backup24 Off-site Managed Backup from Jigsaw24

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    Backup24 Off-site Managed Backup from Jigsaw24

    24-48 Hour Activation

    Jigsaw Code: JMS0001
    Manufacturer Code: JMS0001

    • Secure, offsite backup at our UK based datacentre
    • Daily syncs
    • Daily restores
    • Multiple versions of files
    • Connectivity direct from your office to data centre
    • You know where your data is at any time

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    Availability:  24-48 Hour Activation

    Call us on 03332 400 888

    Please call us on

    03332 400 888 for latest product information
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    Why choose Backup24?

    Secure, offsite backup in our tier 2+ data center, with 24-hour security and management.

    Daily synchronisation with your in-house systems at a time of your choosing.

    Multiple versions of files, giving you access to previous iterations of work and assets as needed.

    Routine checks by our team to confirm that backups have taken place and to correct any potential issues.

    Higher productivity as you don't waste time redoing lost work. Physical access to a secure copy of your data available to you at any time.

    Engineers available on the end of the phone during normal business hours for advice on all things backup and storage, to check in on the state of your backups and help you find files too.


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