Axle 2016 5 user Software License with 1 Year Support

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    Axle 2016 5 user Software License with 1 Year Support

    24-48 Hour Activation. Please Call 03332 400 888 to order

    Jigsaw Code: M696AXC
    Manufacturer Code: AX-001

    Platform:  macintosh macintosh

    Availability:  24-48 Hour Activation. Please Call 03332 400 888 to order

    £2,535.00£3,042.00 incVAT

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    Axle media management software provides a simple web browser interface that lets you view annotate and log all your assets from any location. Axle runs on a Mac that is either connected directly or over the network to your media storage. Your storage can be a SAN, a NAS or just local RAID and can be running in a Mac, Windows or Linux environment - all Axle needs is to be able to read the file system. Axle then catalogues your media in its database and makes low-bandwidth proxies letting you work on your assets from wherever you are.

    Axle automatically takes care of discovering your media unlike other systems that require you to check media in and out. Just point it as your existing file system and it will index all the files and update its data base in realtime as new files are added or removed. To avoid slowing down your production network with high bandwidth access to your high resolution media, low resolution proxies are automatically created and stored on a separate drive. That way, many people can be viewing the media without an impact on your production network. Axle's browser also includes drag and drop upload and download modules so customers or partners can download or add new high resolution material to the database.

    Axle ships with a standard metadata schema for you to use, but in instances where a project has its own metadata requirements you can add your own custom metadata fields to organize your material exactly the way you need to. When you have a large library, the key to media management is finding material fast. Axle not only includes standard search functions, but lets you set up smart search filters so you can quickly find material based on the criteria you select.

    When working with a team on a project it's important to keep everyone in the loop. Axle has a conversation view attached to every asset, including time based markers. You can also set up notifications so you're alerted when a comment has been made. If you working in a larger facility, user management becomes key. You need to impose access control so that each customer only sees the projects that are relevant to them. Axle makes it easy to set up access control so each user only sees the folder you want them to.


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