Archiware P5 Media Management Storage License x200

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    Archiware P5 Media Management Storage License x200

    24-48 Hour Electronic Delivery

    Jigsaw Code: X818AAH
    Manufacturer Code: APP5MMSLx200

    • Distribution Type: Licence

    Platform:  cross platform cross platform

    Availability:  24-48 Hour Electronic Delivery

    £5,100.00£6,120.00 incVAT

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    Archiware P5 offers four functional base licences; Backup, Backup2go, Synchronize, and Archive. These functional licences can be combined with expansion licences to support a data protection strategy that meets the needs of your business

    P5 Media Management and Storage Licence Expansions Licences offer full support for automatic media management for Tape libraries supporting LTO and similar tape devices. In addition, these licences enable the creation of VTLs (Virtual Tape Libraries) for use with disk storage. Disk storage slots (a virtual tape volume for disk storage) can be created to a maximum size 2000GB per licence.

    A Media Management and Storage License (MMSL) can therefore be employed two fold:

    a) It can be assigned to a slot of a physical changer device, tape library or other jukebox.

    b) It can be used to store up to 2000GB of data in a disk storage slot (virtual slot for disk storage) in the file system on disk.

    Consequently, when multiple MMSLs are available, these can be assigned to any number of changers or used in any combination of assignment to slots and to disk storage slots. For example, a Single Server Edition comes with 12 units of MMSL. 8 units can be assigned to an autoloader and 4 units can be used to store up to 8TB of data in disk storage slots in the file system on any number of disks.


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    12 Months Included

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    200 MMSL

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    Mac OS X Linux Windows Solaris
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